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Everything you need to know about buying an engagement ring, from settling on a style to choosing a metal type.

Everything you need to know about buying a diamond engagement ring.

Start with setting:


Solitaire diamond engagement ring
A solitaire ring is an engagement ring with a single, solitaire diamond. A classic style that emphasizes the center stone.


Halo diamond engagement ring
A halo ring features a center diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. A bold style that stands out in a stack.

Three Stone

Three Stone Engagement Ring
Just what it sounds like—three diamonds side by side. Traditionally thought to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.


Sidestone diamond engagement ring
Like a three stone, but with smaller accent diamonds. Think of it as a step between a solitaire and a three stone.


Pave diamond engagement ring
Pave (pronounced pah-vay) is a French word that means “paved.” Rings with pave bands look like they’ve been paved with diamonds—there is little visible metal, meaning maximum visible sparkle.


Bezel Setting
A bezel-set diamond is surrounded by metal. This emphasizes the diamond’s shape, while protecting it from scratches.

All-Metal Band

Metal band
A band that has no diamonds on it.

Diamond Band

Diamond band
A band with diamonds on it.

Next, explore our two diamond cuts:


Hearts On Fire round diamond
Our Round Brilliant cut is our signature cut. It’s a bestseller, and on average returns 98% of the light that enters it.


Hearts On Fire Dream Diamond
Our square-cut Dream diamond is similar in brightness and intensity, but because of its fancy shape, it returns a bit less light at an average of 93% light return.

Select a metal type:


Gold metal type
Our gold engagement rings are a traditional and beautiful choice. We offer rings in the finest 18K yellow, white, and rose gold.


Our platinum engagement rings are gorgeous and incredibly durable. Platinum is a denser metal than gold, and will never tarnish or scratch.

Finally, learn the anatomy of a diamond:


Diamond table
The flat, top-most part of a diamond.


Diamond crown
The top half of a diamond. (Includes the table)


Diamond pavilion
The pointed, bottom half of a diamond


Diamond culet
The tiny area at the very bottom of a diamond's pavilion. It will either be pointed or cut into a facet parallel to the table.


Diamond girdle
The thin perimeter that separates the top and lower halves of a diamond. We inscribe our Hearts On Fire diamonds with their serial numbers on the girdle.


Diamond facets
The "faces" or "surfaces" of a diamond that give it its sparkle. Our Round diamond has 57 facets, and our Dream diamond has 70 facets.


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