Shop Diamond Necklaces Under $2,000

Explore our dazzling selection of diamond necklaces, from classic solitaire designs, to unique, and fashion-forward styles. Visit our fashion tips section to learn how to layer your pendants or find the perfect diamond pendant to wear alone – all for under $2,000!

Fulfillment Pendant Necklace
HOF Classic 3 Prong Solitaire Pendant
Illa Pendant Necklace
HOF Classic Bezel Solitaire Pendant
HOF Custom Halo Diamond Pendant
Liliana Milgrain Diamond Bar Necklace
Aerial Regal Scroll Teardrop Necklace
Divine Mini Cross Pendant
Effervescence Diamond Pendant
HOF Double Chain Bezel Necklace
Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace
Liliana Milgrain Diamond Circle Pendant
Liliana Milgrain Single Diamond Pendant
Triplicity Drop Pendant
Triplicity Golden Pendant
Triplicity Single Diamond Pendant
Triplicity Triangle Pendant
Optima Single Diamond Pendant
Whimsical Cross Pendant Necklace
Beloved Pendant Necklace
Aerial Single Diamond Pendant
Charmed Horizontal Beaded Cross Necklace
HOF Signature Off-Set Five Bezel Necklace
HOF Signature Off-Set Single Bezel Necklace
HOF Signature Off-Set Triple Bezel Necklace
Illa Single Diamond Comet Necklace
Charmed Cross Pendant
Lost In Fun
Charmed Anchor Pendant
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Charmed Half Moon Pendant
HOF Horseshoe Necklace
Charmed Horizontal Cross Necklace
Amorous Heart Pendant Necklace
Charmed Horizontal Diamond Cross Necklace
Lorelei Interlocking Heart Necklace
Fairy Tale Cross Pendant Necklace
Copley Single Diamond Pendant