Copley Collection

Copley Collection

Born from the inspiration Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni felt during her first few weeks in Boston, the Copley Collection was designed to reflect Boston’s historic beauty. Mesmerized by the city’s stunning terraces and European inspired ironwork architecture, the rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this collection were all designed with a focus on versatility. In fashionable yellow and rose gold metal colors, the jewelry from the Copley Collection will brighten every look and transition effortlessly from day to evening attire. As shown above, the new Copley Love Pendant has been selected as a special design to represent the strength and pride of Boston in wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Learn more about what inspired the Copley Collection, straight from Ilaria herself in this short video.


Copley Center Bezel Band
Copley Tassel Diamond Bracelet
Copley Double Heart Right Hand Ring
Copley Diamond Circle Pendant Necklace
Copley Medallion Necklace
Copley Inspiration
Copley Bezel Right Hand Ring
Copley Pave Pendant Necklace
Copley Diamond Circle Drop Earrings
Copley Diamond Bracelet
Copley Triple Row Wedding Band
Copley Single Station Bracelet
Copley Side Bezel Band
Copley Bezel Chandelier Earrings
Copley Single Diamond Pendant
Copley Large  Bezel Hoop Earrings
Copley Bracelet
Copley Medallion Right Hand Ring
Copley Bezel Necklace
Meet Our Designer - Ilaria Lanzoni
Copley Pave Right Hand Ring
Copley Multi Stone Bangle
Copley Double Drop Earrings
Copley Double Diamond Heart Right Hand Ring
Copley Love Heart Pendant
Copley Bangle
Copley Pave Stud Earrings
Copley Link Bracelet
Copley Pave Double Pendant
Copley Bezel Hoop Earrings
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Copley Single Diamond Stud Earrings
Copley Diamond Triple Row Engagement Ring
Copley Single Circle Earrings
Copley Cuff
Copley Circle Drop Earrings
Copley Pave Bangle
Copley Diamond Heart Pendant
Copley Tassel Diamond Necklace
Copley Bezel Drop Earrings
Copley Triple Row Men's Band
Copley Love Bracelet
Copley Diamond Crown Engagement Ring
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