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Do you love a simple diamond pendant, or diamond studs? Something timeless, but meaningful, and still fashionable? Then the Charmed Collection and Fulfillment designs are perfect for you, now with new studs! Launched in February of 2014, these beautiful diamond jewelry collections feature a unique blend of classic, iconic and fashionable shapes. Designs that are enduring, yet chic. Designs that are simple, yet standout. Designs that you can truly wear every day, with every outfit. There are anchors, crosses, half moons, hearts and more – so shop now to find your perfect diamond charm.

Fulfillment Half Moon Earrings
Fulfillment Heart Pendant
Charmed Anchor Pendant
Fulfillment Heart Stud Earrings
Charmed Half Moon Pendant
Charmed Horizontal Cross Necklace
Charmed Half Moon Stud Earrings
Fulfillment Half Moon Pendant
Charmed Cross Pendant
Charmed Horizontal Diamond Cross Necklace