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The inspiration for the Atlantico Collection comes straight from the worldwide experience and passion of designer Ilaria Lanzoni. With designs that exude strength and power – portraying the constant movement of the sea and its waves – the bold colors and twisting lines of the Atlantico designs are truly beautiful. With distinct, fashionable looks and significant pieces, the designs of the Atlantico collection can easily be stacked and layered for added elegance with any outfit. Representing the journey of one’s life, with a modern, yet timeless feel, any woman will love the meaning behind this unique collection. Hear directly from Ilaria about her inspiration for this collection in this short video.
Atlantico Wave Right Hand Ring
Atlantico Tri Color Necklace
Atlantico Wave Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
Atlantico Tri Color Bracelet
Atlantico Diamond Stud Earrings
Atlantico Single Diamond Right Hand Ring
Atlantico Circle Pave Earrings
Atlantico Wave Drop Pendant
Atlantico Single Diamond Studs
Atlantico Pave Band
Atlantico Single Diamond Pendant
Atlantico Wave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
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Atlantico Diamond Necklace
Meet Our Designer - Ilaria Lanzoni
Atlantico Metal Band
Atlantico Circle Pendant
Atlantico Circle Earrings
Atlantico Circle Pave Pendant
Atlantico Diamond Hoops
Atlantico Solitaire Engagement Ring
Atlantico Pave Engagement Ring
Atlantico Diamond Right Hand Ring
Atlantico Pave Right Hand Ring
Atlantico Pave Stud Earrings
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