The Amazing Secret of Hearts On Fire Diamonds

What makes one diamond more special than another? Most people believe a shinier diamond is worth more, but the truth lies in the secret that, like a well cut diamond, has many facets.

It’s Conflict Free. All Hearts On Fire Diamonds are from a single source and certified as conflict-free. This is something we take seriously - it’s our promise to you.

The Color and Clarity are Excellent. Color refers to whether the diamond looks yellow. There is a grading scale that goes from the best (D, E, or F) to the worst (S – Z). The more flawless a diamond is, more valuable it is. All Hearts on Fire Diamonds come from the top two color scales. In addition, all of our diamonds come from the top of the clarity scale which is part of why these diamonds sparkle unlike any other you’ve seen before.

A Magnificent Cut by Masters of the Craft. This is where Hearts on Fire truly shines. Our craftsmen cut and polish every diamond at 100X magnification, where most diamond cutters use only 10X.

The cut of the diamond is the only aspect that is under human control, and we make sure that our diamonds are more than just a ‘cut above the rest’. We employ master diamond cutters – in fact, only 400 craftsmen in the world, out of millions, can meet our qualifications. You may wonder why carat weight isn’t one of the factors that we mentioned in the value of a diamond. The reason is that weight doesn’t have much to do with the true quality of a beautiful diamond.

Something as special as a diamond ring should be crafted according to meticulous standards. At Hearts on Fire, our conflict-free trade, high quality color and clarity, and masterful cut set make our diamonds unique.

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