Celebrating with Diamonds on Extra

Eva Longoria presents Mario Lopez with an amazing Hearts On Fire cake decked with 500 carats of diamonds to celebrate his first day on the job.
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Transcript of Video:

Mario Lopez: Check it out! Eva got me like the most unbelievable cake for my first day.

Eva Longoria: I brought you a cake to say congratulations on your new gig!

Mario Lopez: Thank you very much

Eva Longoria: And it has 500 carats of diamonds from Hearts On Fire! It's almost as big as my wedding ring, but not

Mario Lopez: Not quite.

Eva Longoria: Not quite, not quite.

Mario Lopez: That is a serious cake. And this is serious, I've got you as my first guest, I've got the Emmy's this week. Big party, 60th anniversary- very cool.
Eva Longoria: (looking at the cake) Isn't this beautiful?

Mario Lopez: But you can't eat this cake.That’s the only thing that is…

Eva Longoria: But we can wear it!

Mario Lopez: That's even better!