Marcia Cross on the Red Carpet

Marcia Cross shows off her beautiful Elie Saab dress - accessorized with Hearts On Fire diamonds, of course.
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Ryan Seacrest: Come on in Marcia, nice to see you. How are you?

Marcia Cross: You too, how are you Ryan?

Ryan Seacrest: I’m well thank you. So tell me about your dress, who has made that?

Marcia Cross: This is Elie Saab, my love, and the diamonds are Hearts On Fire. And uhh I can't remember the rest right now.

Ryan Seacrest: Well that's a good start. (Laughter) So you are here with all the girls tonight?

Marcia Cross: Yes, we are all presenting together.

Ryan Seacrest: So everybody gets one word

Marcia Cross:  Pretty much…yeah (laughing)