Emmys Red Carpet Diamond Fashion

Check out all the Emmys red carpet diamond fashion, including our world renowned architectural collection and $10M diamond chandelier.
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Masakela: These 15 seconds actually cover the 12 hour installation of the $10 million chandelier in the greenroom where the Emmy presenters hang out. Architectural Digest and Hearts On Fire diamond dealers partnered to create the look of the room.

This is Emmy’s diamond jubilee, and tonight on the red carpet celebrities they’re gonna be dripping in diamonds.  And I am going to show you the latest trends, and just what $5 million can buy you--how cheap.  Joining me right now is Caryl Capeci.

Capeci: Exactly.

M: I said it right. And you are the VP of Marketing for Hearts On Fire.

C: I am. Thank you so much for having me.

M: It’s my pleasure. Let's dive right into it.

C: It’s gonna be a huge year for diamonds this year, and this is a selection of jewelry by Hearts On Fire. These are all pieces from the architectural collection. Each one was inspired by a different building from around the world.

M: Awesome.

C: Where should we begin?

M: Let’s start with the earrings.

C: The earrings! Earrings are huge on the red carpet; everyone wants their hair up, their hair back. Let's start with the pieces at the end. These are called Legendary, and they are inspired by the Lenny Zakim Bridge in Boston. They look exactly like the bridge.

M: In Boston.

C: In Boston exactly.

M: That's fantastic! How about the cuff?

C: The cuffs? Cuffs are big. This is one of our most beautiful cuffs and this is called Sculptural. This is inspired by the Chrysler Building in Manhattan and it has the same Art Deco motif. This is about 64 carats of Hearts On Fire diamonds, about $350,000.

M: That is what I call a magic discount.

C: Very much so.

M: Finally the necklaces.

C: The necklaces, I mean everyone wants to use the necklace to make a statement piece. This is the ultimate statement piece, this is called Virtuoso. It’s actually inspired by the Opera House in Sydney. It has over 640 individual Hearts On Fire diamonds, and totals over 76 carats. It’s absolutely spectacular.

M: I love the way it dances in the light and I wish I could wear it myself.

C: I'm sure you could if you really wanted to.

M: Thank you so much.

C: Thank you so much. Take care.

M: Alright. For more in the way of sparkling coverage, let’s go over to that sparkler we call {Ashlin Gorse}

G: Ok now they want to see your shoes. We need to see the whole package. You are very first on the stiletto cam today.

C: Im not doing it well, ok there it is.

G: Those are some hot shoes. Got a little bling on the stilettos.

C: Thank You! Ya I went for the diamond look all over.

G: I like it. Who did your dress and your jewelry today?

C: Jewelry is Hearts On Fire and I actually designed my dress as well.

G: That’s amazing. So the trophy girl is going to look pretty much just like you.

C: She’ll have a similar look, it’s the same fabric, it’s a different color it’s a different style, but we look similar.

G: That is so exciting! Lauren thank you so much for being here, thank you for being our first guest of a live show. You’re amazing, all your friends love you on the hills, I wanna see more. But I like to see LC as the EP on something. I think you should executive produce a movie.

C: Fingers crossed.

G: Ill totally do it. Thank you so much. You have a great time on the red carpet. We’ll see you later.

C: Thank you and have a good night

G: Thank you.