The Architectural Digest Greenroom

Go behind the scenes and take a walk through the Architectural Digest greenroom at the Emmys! The highlight of the space is definitely the $10 million Hearts On Fire diamond chandelier.
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Emmy Awards – Chandelier

Sykes: Follow me inside here, you're gonna love this. This is backstage, the Architectural Digest greenroom. There's a security guard-you can bypass him because he is guarding this $10 million chandelier. Look at this! Incredible! And this is the last place that the presenters will stop before they go on stage to hand out the Emmys. This was designed by LA based interior designer Mark Boone. We got a chance-look at this-we got a chance to talk to him about how he designed this incredible plush room. For the seventh year, Architectural Digest has handpicked an interior designer to create the primetime Emmys greenroom. And for the diamond anniversary this year, they chose Mark Boone of the design firm London Boone.

Boone: I wanted the people in the room to feel like they actually walked in the center of a diamond.

S: And speaking of diamonds, the room's focal point is a stunning diamond chandelier.

B: It is a countless carats chandelier with over 5000 diamonds.

S: Guests will mingle in the elegant diamond shaped room, surrounded by mirrored walls and furniture hand made in Mark's factories specifically for the Emmy greenroom.

B: At the center of this year's greenroom there is a focal table made of this shattered glass material.  And what I wanted it to have is a lot of sparkle to it, a lot of faceting like a diamond or mineral would have.

S: Many of the elements of the room are sustainable and eco-friendly while luxurious at the same time.

B: The greenrooms fabric this year is actually sheep skin. Natural sheep skin in a very platinum color. The wonderful thing about sheepskin is its very tactile, it's very soft, and it's very sexy.

S: In the final week leading up to Emmys night, Mark and his team worked around the clock to get the room ready for some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

B: I want them to walk in and say WOW! I want them to feel at ease and drop their shoulders and then have a drink and just relax and see their friends and talk among themselves in a space that's warm and inviting but yet exciting.

S: Amazing, all the work you've put in to it and now finally the only thing left is for the guests to arrive. How do you feel?

B: I feel relieved and very excited to find out what they all think of this room this year. We based it on the 60th anniversary and the diamond anniversary. The center piece of our room this year is a real diamond chandelier from Hearts On Fire. Made of 3300 real diamonds, a thousand carats, and can be yours for $10 million.

S: $10 Million only?

B: $10 million only.

S: This is stunning. Thank you so much for talking to us, and were gonna have much more behind the scenes as the stars arrive.