Architectural Collection Interview

See Hearts On Fire diamonds sparkle on the Red Carpet at the Emmy's Diamond Anniversary.
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Transcript of Video:

Sam: This is Rachel Clemente with Hearts On Fire, an extremely high end jeweler. Tell us about what we are looking at here. It's a multimillion dollar collection.

Rachel: Well it is the diamond anniversary of Emmy's, so diamonds are going to be a major theme on the red carpet this year, and I brought a beautiful selection of Hearts On Fire Diamond jewelry from the Architectural Collection.

Sam: When you say Architectural Collection and if you think about this for a second, of course the Beijing Olympics-what is this?

Rachel: Well this is one of the hot trends we are going to be seeing, it's all about making a statement on the Red Carpet, but also having a conversational piece. This is inspired by the Beijing Olympic stadium. Its 47 carats of Hearts On Fire Diamonds.

Sam: It's the birds nest!

Rachel: It's the birds nest, yes. It's really about having a conversational piece, its wearable art.

Sam: And one thing that's really interesting, you said as opposed to quote on quote regular necklaces-by the way your earrings are lovely-that women, Marcia Cross amongst them will be doing pendants as opposed to…why is that?

Rachel: It's a different type of necklace. Necklaces over the past few years have not really been popular on the red carpet. These beautiful necklaces from Hearts On Fire are all about creating a focal point just to accentuate that beautiful neckline.

Sam: You know Michaela, it's again a multimillion dollar collection and I think a lot of this would suit you very well and I'd bring this for you to borrow-but look at those two fellows over there (security).

Michaela: The Bird's nest is more my style. Oh come on, you could run can't you Sam?

Sam: Next hour we go inside where Rachel and her colleagues have created a diamond chandelier where the stars hang just before they go out to get their Emmy.