The Blue Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, one of the world's most recognizable and also known as Le Bleu de France, is 45.52 carats and deep blue in color. The Hope diamond, formed within the Earth approximately 1.1 billion years ago, is notorious for supposedly being cursed. The diamond was purportedly stolen from the eye of a sculpted statue of the goddess Sita in India and has been cursed ever since, bringing misfortune to those who have owned or worn it.

A few of those who have fallen victim to the tragic curse of the Hope Diamond include: Jacques Colet, who bought the diamond and then committed suicide; Prince Ivan Kanitovski, who bought the diamond from Colet and was then killed by Russian revolutionists; Mlle Ladue, who was loaned the diamond from Kanitovski and was then murdered by her sweetheart; Abu Sabir, who was imprisoned and tortured after being given the task of polishing the diamond, Kulub Bey, a guardian for the diamond who was hanged by a mob in Turkey; Tavernier, the man who transported the diamond from India to Paris and was then killed by wild dogs; and, Princess de Lamballe, who wore the diamond and was then killed by a mob in Paris.

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