How to Plan Surprise Proposal Ideas When You've Already Had 'The Talk'

For many couples, gone are the days when the gentleman would drop down on one knee out of the blue and present his unsuspecting lady with a sparkling ring. No, in the modern world, many couples are far more pragmatic about the whole marriage deal. And, frankly, why shouldn't they be? Having a blunt dialogue about the future is healthy.

There's just one little drawback. It creates a dilemma for you, since the element of surprise has been all but whisked away. Luckily, there are a few surprise proposal ideas that will leave your partner breathless, even when she's expecting that all-important question:

Leave a Few Red Herrings

So, your soon-to-be fiancée already knows you're going to pop the question. That means that it's time to unleash your sneaky side. Since she's expecting the big reveal sometime soon, there's no shame in toying with her just a little. Leaving a few red herrings around will build some suspense and make the final reveal extra exciting.

Plan a few events in the near future that would, in theory, be ideal occasions for a proposal. For example, you could plan an intimate meal at a nice restaurant or an evening walk on the scenic side of town. Each time you arrange something that sounds somewhat romantic, your partner will suspect that the time has come. In a way, you can actually use her expectancy to your advantage. Not knowing when and how you'll propose will build anticipation, and when you actually propose, she may have already convinced herself that there's no way you're doing it then.

Avoid the 'Obvious Proposal'

These decoy occasions are certain to throw your partner off the scent of the proposal, which means you'll have the time and space to plan the real deal. Consider an "alternative" proposal that she would never expect. Avoid obvious proposal settings, such as meals and moonlit walks, and instead, opt for something a little different.

Here's your chance to get creative and think up some unique surprise proposal ideas. It's worth planning an occasion that wouldn't typically be associated with love and romance. For example, you could take her to a concert of an artist she loves or even a sporting event. Since the reason for you attending the event is so specific, your partner need never suspect that you're about to drop to one knee.

Add Some Extra Special Touches

Once you've decided when and where you're going to propose, there are a few other things you may want to iron out. All your partner knows right now is that you plan to ask her to marry you at some point in the future. That leaves a great deal of scope when it comes to planning your surprise proposal ideas.

Since the main reveal is no big secret, take the time to plan a few little things that will make the event extra special. You could invite some friends she hasn't seen in years or just make sure her favorite song is playing when you pop the question. These beautiful details are what will make the proposal memorable for years to come.

Hide the Ring!

Women can be very particular about the type of engagement rings they desire. You've already discussed the upcoming proposal together, which means you've likely also taken the time to select the perfect ring together.

However, that doesn't mean you need to leave it out in the open for her to see whenever she pleases. The moment you bring the ring home, hide it. Don't allow her to catch sight of it again until it's time to slip it on her finger. When the moment's right, seeing that ring again will be seriously emotional for her, so it's well worth keeping it under wraps.

Even if you and your girlfriend have decided you'll get married and even picked out the ring together, you can still create a proposal that will sweep her off her feet.