5 Moving-In Gifts That Will Take Her Breath Away

By Erica Curran

Moving in with your significant other is a huge step in your relationship, and like any milestone, it deserves a marker. Show her you're excited about this new phase in your lives by offering thoughtful moving-in gifts that will always serve as reminders of this special time.

1. Custom Artwork

As you work to blend items from each of your previous homes, you may not be quite ready to think about adding new pieces, but a piece of artwork can become a centerpiece that represents your new life together. Any art can be a memorable gift, but a custom piece will have maximum impact. Talk to an artist friend or search sites such as Etsy for housewarming-themed pieces that include your names, the move-in date, or an illustration of your home. Or, you could simply frame a favorite photo of the two of you together to hang on the wall.

2. Return Address Stamp

If she loves writing letters, having a customized return address stamp with your new address—and both of your names—will not only be handy, but a lot of fun. Whether she's addressing holiday cards or sending off the electric bill, it will be a more meaningful experience when it reminds her of you and your home together. Up the ante by pairing the stamp with some pretty stationary.

3. Smart Lock

A house key may be a simple and practical gift, but it's loaded with symbolism about your new home. The modern equivalent of that is a smart lock system, which will allow her to easily lock and unlock the door from the convenience of her smartphone, from anywhere in the world. If your special someone is really into the latest gadgets, consider upgrading your gift to an entire smart home system, complete with a hub and cool features such as Bluetooth speakers.

4. Jewelry

Give her something that will remind her of the life you're building every time she looks in the mirror: jewelry. Whether it's a classic pendant necklace or a pair of dazzling diamond hoops, jewelry will show her just how invested you are in the relationship. Hopefully, years down the road, she'll still be wearing the piece and it will remind her of the momentous step you took together.

5. A Space of Her Own

Living together takes some adjustment, and it can be healthy to maintain a room—or even just a corner—that each of you can call your own. This can be as simple as setting up a corner of the closet just for her massive shoe collection, or designing a bathroom as her special spa-like chill zone. If you have the space, you could even give her a craft room, a music room, or an art studio, depending on her interests.

Whatever you decide to give her to celebrate your big move, don't be afraid to present your moving-in gifts with a bit of flair. Give her a necklace during a candlelit dinner you've prepared for her in your new kitchen, or unveil her special space as a complete surprise after you've moved in. Putting thought not only into what you're giving her, but how you're giving it to her, will leave no doubts in her mind as to how much you care.