Jewelry Ideas for Different Relationship Milestones

The engagement ring symbolizes one of the most significant milestones in a relationship and is a tangible symbol of a lifelong commitment to one another. However, what about the other relationship milestones, before and after you pop the question? There's never a wrong time to buy jewelry for the special woman in your life to make her feel loved and appreciated.

Here are some other pieces you can give no matter where you are at in your relationship:

Just Starting Out

In the earlier season of your relationship, less is more. Give jewelry that's a little more subtle and a little less pricey, such as metal stud earrings. Since you're still getting to know each other, going with more basic jewelry will ensure it fits within her taste.

Never give her a ring until it's the ring. You don't want to play with a woman's heartstrings, even if she's not the type to push you down the aisle. It's just not a good idea to dip a toe into ring waters until you're on the lookout for a diamond.

Getting Serious

When things are getting more serious, try buying her a bracelet for her birthday that's similar to the ring you're considering purchasing. For instance, you could choose one in a rose gold color if you've spotted rose gold rings on her Pinterest board, or you could go for one that's a little less flashy if you've seen her eye wander toward more subdued jewelry. It's a situation with way less pressure for you to be able to tell whether you've nailed her style.

One Year of Marriage

After you've been married for a year, shop for the traditional gift color for a first anniversary: gold. Consider some soft gold earrings to celebrate making it 365 days or an engraved watch with a sweet message commemorating your first year.

First Child

When your wife gives birth to your first child, it's traditional to give her a "push present" for all of her hard work! It's one of those relationship milestones that can sometimes go by without much fanfare, considering you're probably knee-deep in bottles and diapers, but it's an important time to make your wife feel beautiful. Give her a necklace with your new child's birthstone to symbolize the other forever relationship in her life now.

Ten Years of Marriage

Celebrating ten years of marriage calls for a significant gift. Add on to her engagement ring with another band or diamond that demonstrates the significance of the huge milestone. If she's not into the idea of upgrading her ring, you could seek out diamond earrings or another piece of jewelry with a "forever" stone.

Your life together will be full of milestones to celebrate. Follow these tips to get her the perfect gift for each one.