5 Ways to Pull Off a Surprise Proposal

By Claire Swinarski

Having the marriage talk before you pop the question is not uncommon among couples today. However, there are still plenty of ways you can pull off the perfect surprise proposal. In fact, now that you know you're on the same page, the proposal can be even more fun, since the stress over her response has gone out the window.

Here are five ways to surprise the love of your life with your proposal, even after you've had "The Talk:"

1. Don't Share Specifics

Don't share your exact plans with any of her friends or family members. If they start acting weird around her, she'll know something's up. Let the time and day of your proposal be a total surprise to everyone but you.

2. Avoid Clichés

If you ask her to go on a date at the restaurant where you first met, it might give away your plans. Try coming up with a sweet, sentimental idea that doesn't make your intentions obvious. Think of a way you could propose that's off the beaten path.

3. Don't Rush It

Don't propose the first chance you get! Your proposal shouldn't happen on the first, second, or even third romantic date after your conversation. Try to set the scene for what could be a magical proposal—but withhold the ring. It will keep her guessing about when you'll actually pop the question. Consider using another special occasion such as her birthday or your anniversary as a cover for why you're getting all dressed up and going on a big date.

4. Plan Your Speech

Plan what you're going to say ahead of time. Although the proposal will be a surprise to her, you want to know how you're going to ask, word for word, so you're not left stuttering and stammering when the big moment comes. Again, a lot of your nerves should be gone, since you've already talked about marriage and you know what her answer will be.

5. Keep the Ring a Secret

Don't let her in on your ring plans. Surf her Pinterest boards or pump her friends for information instead of bringing her along to pick out her diamond. This is one aspect of the proposal that can still be a total surprise, even if she's told you which styles she likes.

You may have already talked about marriage. You may have even decided what you're going to name all of your children. However, if you plan it well, she still won't see this proposal coming!