How to Propose in London: The Complete Guide

Once you've taken the leap, bought the ring, and settled on a date, there's just one minute detail to pin down: the location. Why not choose an urban retreat as the backdrop of the most important moment of your life? London is a wonderful place brimming with culture, variety, and romance. If you're hoping to propose in London, here's your complete guide to finding a romantic spot in the city:

The Historic Proposal: St. Paul's Cathedral

Dating way back to the 1600s, the awe-inspiring St. Paul's Cathedral is as historical as you can get and is located in the heart of London. The building looms over the city in all its Gothic-style splendor. If you want to propose in London, this location is certain to be at the top of your list.

Before you ask that all-important question here, head right on up to the Whispering Gallery at the top of the building. The acoustics of this area of the cathedral mean that even the slightest sound carries swiftly through the air, echoing as it does. Utter the words as quietly as you please, and your special someone will still hear every sound.

A Romantic Spot: Love Lane

If the name is not enough to entice you to this street, then perhaps a little context will help. A mere stone's throw away from St. Paul's, you'll find this small, tucked-away little lane in the midst of a cluster of similarly quaint streets.

Beside the street itself is a beautifully kept garden space, where you can celebrate after making things official. What's more, there's a bust of Shakespeare nearby that will make the perfect spot for some whimsical, romantic photos.

The Picnic Proposal: Primrose Hill

If you're heading to this fair city in the summertime, here's a proposal idea you simply should not skip. Just in the north of Regent's Park, this now-infamous hill offers some truly spectacular views of the entire skyline.

Pack up an intimate meal and head up Primrose Hill for an impromptu picnic. Once at the top, you and your partner will be treated to one of the most romantic views in the city. Here, with the rare British sun gazing down on you, may be just the place to propose in London.

Under the Sea: The London Aquarium

While you may think there's nothing particularly romantic about an aquarium, the team at this fantastic tourist destination now offers an experience like no other for young lovers who are ready to take the next step.

Simply sign up for the "Wedding Proposal" package at the aquarium, and you'll get priority access to the attractions, half a bottle of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne, and even some professional photographs. When the moment is right, an expert diver will head underwater to the "Ocean Display" and hold up a sign with a secret message for your partner.

The Spot with a View: The Shard

Finally, if you want to take in the city in all its wonder, The Shard is the place for you. Standing at an impressive 1,016 feet high, this sheer glass building is one of the most jaw-dropping the city has to offer. And, luckily for you, tourists are allowed (almost) all the way to the top.

Once you've flown up the 72 floors in the elevator to the viewing gallery, the excitement is sure to bubble up. On a clear day, you can see the whole city from this unique vantage point. Dropping to your knee and popping the question here is sure to be a magically memorable moment. Then, just grab a glass of Prosecco from the exclusive bar there and get celebrating!

Whatever part of this beautiful city you select to pop the big question, your proposal is bound to be a smashing success.