How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring for Your Fiancée-to-Be

By Charlotte Elizabeth Grainger

If the time is right and you're ready to pop that all-important question, you may be considering buying a ring. Luckily for you, one of the biggest 2017 jewelry trends gives you complete autonomy with the unique look, tone, and style of the piece. Yes, custom engagement rings are very much en vogue right now, which means you have many exciting new options. Here's everything you need to know:

The Diamond

A high-quality diamond with clarity and brilliance is at the very heart of any custom engagement ring. However, choosing the right gem for your significant other's jewelry is often the first big stumbling block. When choosing a piece that will stand the test of time, it's crucial to opt for a high-quality diamond category.

So, what should you be looking for when you choose your piece? Ideally, you should be looking at gems within the G, H, I, and J color ranges. The very fact that you're customizing the piece yourself means you have the ultimate level of control over the diamond. You will also get to opt for the carat of your choosing, which means you can directly determine the quality of this oh-so-special piece.

The Setting

Here's where things start to get particularly interesting, especially if you're looking for something truly original. While you may not realize it, the setting of your diamond can dramatically influence the overall tone of the ring. That's why it's absolutely essential that you select the most fitting setting for your partner's sense of personality and style.

From the classic prong setting to the ever-popular pavé setting, there are many ways you can go here. Since this is a decision of epic proportions, it's well worth taking the time to really investigate each setting style and choose one that enhances the aesthetic of your custom engagement ring as a whole.

The Band

Whether you opt for cascading gems down your band or something simpler, this is really the finishing touch to your custom design. Before opting for a type of band, you ought to have discussed the desired style with your partner. While you will still want to be as subtle as possible, knowing the basics when it comes to her preferences will mean you'll get things just right.

Don't worry, this area doesn't have to be as overly complicated as it seems. There are two main themes you may wish to choose here: a simple band with scarcely any detail offers a classic, minimal look, while a heftily adorned piece complete with an array of stones may appear more impressive and vivid in tone.

The Metal Type

You may already have a vague idea of the type of metal that your significant other would prefer. There are essentially three main metals you ought to consider: yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Rose gold is a huge trend at the moment, and many people are opting for this style of ring. Alternatively, yellow gold is a classic aesthetic and, of course, platinum just screams brilliance.

The Ring Size

Finally, there's just one little detail you can't overlook. Before you even think about investing in a custom engagement ring, you absolutely have to know the ring size of your significant other. Of course, you can always get the piece resized later, but it's far better to get it just right the first time around.

With these five categories in mind, you're on your way to the perfect ring, customized for your one and only.