How the Right Cut Makes Your Diamond Sparkle

Do you know the best way to make a diamond sparkle? Focusing on a quality cut will make sure the ring you choose is adequately glitzy on your fiancée-to-be's finger.

Despite the terminology, a diamond's cut doesn't refer to the literal shape, such as oval, princess, or pear. It actually refers to how a diamond was cut and is measured by the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of a stone. The way a diamond is cut will make a huge difference in the sparkle factor. When your future bride shows off her new ring, you want heads to turn, and selecting a proper cut will make all the difference. Here are three factors to consider:

1. Brilliance

Brilliance is measured by how well a diamond reflects colorless light. Think of how the diamond will react during a candlelight dinner in dim lighting—will it reflect the flame and make the diamond seem brighter? That's where the level of brilliance comes in. Two diamond pieces may technically come from the same stone but have the potential to differ in sparkle due to the cut. If a diamond isn't cut in the right shape to reflect light, it will be much duller.

2. Fire

In contrast to brilliance, a diamond's fire represents how well it reflects colored light. Depending on how fiery the diamond is, it will reflect a stronger color spectrum of light. Again, this has to do with a cut—if a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow, it won't reflect colored light well. Even if you keep the diamond squeaky clean, it needs to have the right angles to reflect the proper amount of light.

3. Scintillation

Scintillation is how well the diamond reflects light when it is in motion. When your future fiancée waves or brushes her hair back, how sparkly will the diamond seem? That's scintillation. A diamond with high scintillation will have very few dead spots where no sparkle occurs. This is where colorless light and colored light combine to make a stunning sparkle.

When all three factors—brilliance, fire, and scintillation—come together, you know you have the perfect cut. The more sparkly a diamond is, the more beautiful it's considered, which is why the cut is a vital element to consider when selecting the diamond in your bride-to-be's engagement ring.