Diamond Equipment and Techniques Used to Create the Perfect Diamond

That first time you walk into a jewelry store to look at engagement rings can seem overwhelming. There are so many diamonds sparkling within the glass cases, and they all look so similar. What makes one diamond different from the rest—and what makes Hearts On Fire diamonds so unique?

If you've done your homework, you're already familiar with the four C's: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. These four factors will go a long way toward helping you select a diamond that's worthy of a lifetime investment. It also helps to know a bit more about the cutting-edge diamond equipment that's used to make some of the most magnificent diamonds in the world—especially if you're looking to find a diamond that outshines everything else in the case.

A Mathematical Foundation

Every Hearts On Fire diamond is cut perfectly—and that's not a subjective statement. Its techniques date back to 1919, when mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky created the framework for the ideally cut diamond based on modern theories of light behavior. Hearts On Fire still uses that equation to cut brilliant diamonds today. This specific cut results in a pattern of eight perfect hearts and fire bursts within the diamond.

Intense Magnification

When diamonds are graded in a lab, the industry standard puts them at a 10-power magnification. When Hearts On Fire technicians cut their diamonds, they use diamond equipment with more than 100-power magnification, and their technology is continually improving. This allows them to avoid any mistakes, knowing that being even a millimeter off would ruin the pattern.

Vibration-Free Cutting

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, and they can only be cut using other diamonds. Now, imagine a factory in which hundreds of workers are cutting diamonds using spinning wheels. You'd think there'd be some vibration, right? Wrong. The diamond equipment in Hearts On Fire's factories is specially designed and assembled to allow for vibration-free cutting, which is the only way to ensure a perfect polish and symmetry.

A Focus on Craftsmanship

Many of today's diamonds are created using lasers, but not Hearts On Fire diamonds. Every one of the company's diamonds is still cut and polished by hand. Using only diamond dust, olive oil, and a steady hand, Hearts On Fire's skilled diamond crafters are able to cut and polish rough diamonds into the most perfect gemstones known to man.

Not all diamonds are created equal, and you don't have to be a gemstone expert to see that. Whether you're buying an engagement ring or simply an extra-special gift for that special someone, insist on a diamond that's truly worth your investment.