Everything You Need to Know About Anniversary Symbols and Gifts

After you've stood in front of your loved ones and uttered those two little words to one another, a new chapter begins. As a true union and a meeting of two souls, married life is like nothing you'll have experienced before, and as the years pass by, this is something you should celebrate time and time again. If you find the many anniversary symbols out there too complex, you've come to the right place. The following is all you need to know and which gifts you may consider:

First Anniversary: Paper

Reaching the end of your first year of married bliss together is a momentous occasion. No doubt you've heard of this event referred to as the "Paper Anniversary" before now, but what does that signify? Well, there are a couple of romantic theories surrounding the origin of this event. The idea that paper is a slight material is often used as a metaphor for the early stages of marriage. It's a starting point, something to build upon. There's also the notion that paper is a blank page waiting to be filled with happy memories by you and your partner.

While the paper symbol is utterly romantic in theory, it doesn't make for the ideal present. Despite the anniversary's name, it's traditional to give your wife a clock at this all-important one-year mark. The timepiece is one of the most authentic anniversary symbols, as it signifies the passing of the years with your one true love.

Fifth Anniversary: Wood

The "Wood Anniversary" comes after five years of marriage and is certainly an event you shouldn't miss. This strong and sturdy material is symbolic of the hardiness and unbreakable nature of your growing relationship.

Popular choices include cheese boards, wooden bottle cases containing fine liqueurs, and art pieces. It's also worth mentioning that in more recent years, people have adopted the tradition of giving fine silverware in the place of wood for this occasion.

10th Anniversary: Tin (or Diamond)

After 10 glorious years as a wedded couple, it's truly time to celebrate. In eras past, this event was dubbed the "Tin Anniversary" but that name is scarcely used these days. Instead, the 10-year mark has come to signify something much stronger, and frankly, more impressive than mere tin. Now, this occasion is more commonly referred to as the "Diamond Anniversary," and gifts should certainly follow suit.

When selecting a present for your wife at this gleeful occasion, it's crucial that you're particular. A simple, yet timeless diamond bracelet is certain to send the right message to your loving wife. More than just a piece of jewelry, this distinguished keepsake will be a memento that she can hold onto for the many years to come.

20th Anniversary: China

The next major milestone is the "China Anniversary." This is an anniversary symbol that dates back centuries and holds great meaning. After 20 magical years with your soulmate, this thing of sheer beauty symbolizes the purity of your relationship. Of course, one option is that you pertain to the original symbol here and opt for something classy such as a china anniversary plate or any other form of dinnerware.

Lately, this is a custom that has started to change, since people prefer to use the more contemporary platinum as a symbol of the milestone. Remember, it's worth finding out what style your partner would adore before you select one for this momentous event.

While the wedding may be over, there will be many more milestones to celebrate and show your love and appreciation for your significant other.