Wedding Questions You'll Be Asked Right After Saying 'Yes!'

By Claire Swinarski

A new engagement is one of the most exciting pieces of news to break. It's a ton of fun to tell family members, call friends, and make that Instagram post you've been dreaming of since, well, Instagram became a thing. However, once you let everyone know of your major life change, the wedding questions start rolling in. Here are six common ones and some quick answers you can provide:

1. 'Can I Try on Your Ring?'

Depending on how well you know this person, you may not want to share your new engagement ring. It's totally up to you if this is something you feel comfortable doing. If not, turn it into a joke: "Um, that would require me taking it off, which isn't going to happen!"

2. 'Am I in Your Wedding Party?'

Just smile and remind them that you only just got engaged and aren't that far into planning. Even if you're leaning toward saying yes, don't make any promises before you've talked to your groom-to-be about numbers. If you're leaning toward no, change the subject—fast!

3. 'So, When Is It Going to Be?'

Feel free to give a vague answer if you have one, such as "next summer." However, remind them that venues book super far in advance and you aren't sure when the date will be nailed down. If you're planning on waiting a while but don't feel like going into the details of you needing to finish grad school and him needing to let his lease end, just say that you don't mind a long engagement.

4. 'How Many Carats Is That?

Feeling proud of the high carat count of that diamond ring? No shame, girl! However, telling people that your soon-to-be-spouse splurged may make them feel awkward or uncomfortable. And, if you're in a public place, it could even be dangerous. Just say something like, "The perfect amount!" and start telling the story of how he crept on your Pinterest board for ideas or took your sister shopping with him.

5. 'How Big Is Your Wedding Going to Be?'

This can be a not-so-subtle way of fishing for how much you'll be spending. Try to answer without giving away any budget specifics, such as, "Smaller, because we want the ceremony to feel intimate" or "Huge, because he has 42 cousins! But it will be a blast."

6. 'Are You Going on a Diet?

Some people honestly don't realize that this is a very embarrassing and inappropriate question. Respond that apparently, your fiancé thinks you look great just as you are. Or, invite the person who asked you to go to yoga next week—your call.

Wedding questions can be fun, or they can be kind of uncomfortable. But really, who cares if you have a minor awkward moment? You're engaged!