The 5 Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends in 2017

The weather is finally warming up! As your bulky winter wardrobe makes way for lighter fashion, here are some of the freshest, most exciting spring jewelry trends in store for the new season:

1. Single Earrings

It's all about making a statement this season, whether it's in the form of chunky earrings, bold shapes, or avant-garde ear cuffs. So, what's the common thread? They're all single! Imagine how heavy it would look if you wore a pair of oversized earrings that dangled to your chest. But worn alone, the style instantly becomes lighter, more modern, and edgy.

2. Asymmetrical Earrings

If you like the idea of a single earring but don't want to wear only one earring at a time, consider asymmetrical earrings as an alternative. What makes this trend particularly appealing is that you could enjoy the best of both worlds—the beauty of having different designs on each ear and the benefit of achieving a balanced look in a wholly unique way.

3. Ring Stacks

A cool stack of rings is a great way to show off your personality! Some like to keep everything on one hand, while others like them to be dispersed. So, whether you're looking to layer more classic bands or try on rings with more distinctive designs, the key is to play around with different elements without going overboard. This is why rings that hover between classic and chic styles are best when embracing this trend.

4. Layered Bracelets

Don't be mistaken: Layering isn't just confined to rings this season, but to bracelets as well. Though futuristic arm cuffs with unusual shapes and chunky styles are gracing the runways of major fashion labels, some people may find them too heavy or intimidating to pull off in real life. As an alternative, why not wear different bracelets with bangle features for a fashionable yet refreshing twist?

5. Long Statement Necklaces

If you haven't already noticed, spring jewelry in 2017 is bigger, longer, and all in all, grander. When it comes to necklaces, long statement necklaces are back in a big way. The idea is to go bold and grab all the attention you can get—in a good way.

Now that spring is finally here, it's time to accessorize accordingly with these exciting styles.