Summer Jewelry Trends You Can't Pass Up 

This summer season will be here before you know it! People are already trading in lattes for Frappuccinos and sweaters for sandals. This summer's jewelry is all about going big, bold, and bright. Here are some of the emerging summer jewelry trends you can begin to prepare for, either for yourself or that special someone in your life:

Long Necklaces

Ditch the choker—the long necklace is coming back! This season, be on the lookout for swinging pendants and long, draped statement necklaces. Necklaces inspired by the seventies are big right now, too, with bright patterns and modern designs.

Oversized Earrings and Cuffs

Bold earrings are going to be much more popular than simple studs, and oversized earrings with unique designs are making a statement right now.

If you want to try something out-of-the-box and new, ear cuffs have been all over the runways this summer. These are decorative pieces of jewelry featuring a uniquely designed pattern that cover a large part of your ears by connecting a normal ear piercing with a cartilage piercing. Unlike typical earrings, you wear them on only one side.

Cufflink Bracelets

Large cufflink bracelets are perfect accessories to match with tank tops or sleeveless dresses. The bigger, the better! Layered bangles make accessorizing fun and easy to personalize.


Your grandma's pearls are making a comeback, too. Designers are reimagining pearls into fun, fresh designs, shooting a bit of life into the traditional gems. Modern, asymmetric pearl necklaces are statement pieces that are definitely making waves right now.

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings will be huge this summer. Instead of wearing one delicate ring, go for multiple bands you can stack and play around with. Try a few different simple bands with a couple of cocktail rings sprinkled in.

Summer jewelry this year is anything but minimalist. Try out one or two of these big, bold trends instead of piling them all together at once. Rocking a long necklace with a bunch of bracelets and some unique earrings might be a bit overwhelming, especially in a less-is-more season such as summer.