Toss or Keep? How to Transition into Your Spring Wardrobe

At long last, spring is finally near! While it's certainly time to part ways with heavier winter clothes, some pieces could linger a bit longer as you transition into your spring wardrobe. Are you wondering what you should save and what to put away? Here are a few "toss or keep" ideas according to different clothing categories:


Puffer coats Knee-length wool jackets
Down parka jackets Vests
Shearling coats Boyfriend blazers
Extra thick outerwear
Lighter jackets
Basically everything that looks more like a blanket than anything else

The great thing about spring is that you can finally say goodbye to anything made for the Michelin Man. During a season that's popular for its rising temperatures, there are lots of rain and gusty winds, which is why transitional spring pieces are all about layering. With lighter fabrics or shorter outerwear, you can add or remove multiple layers more easily to battle all four seasons within one day. And, of course, bring out your trench coat, a quasi staple for the spring wardrobe.


Cashmere sweaters V-neck or crew-neck tops
Turtlenecks Wool and cotton sweaters

The first rule when it comes to layering this season is to steer clear of anything too thick or restrictive. Wool and cotton sweaters generally work, with V-neck or crew-neck sweaters being more forgiving than cashmere turtlenecks. Outfits that are loaded with contrasts are fun and reflective of the mercurial weather. Consider wearing chunky knit cardigans paired with breezy chiffon dresses and sturdy ankle boots, or a thick-knit sweater over a shirt and a light mini skirt with tights and flats. Beyond pairing thick with thin fabrics and longer sweaters with lighter, short bottoms, an eclectic spring look also calls for more jewelry, such as dangling earrings, unique necklaces, and stacked rings.


Uggs Heels
Snow boots Dress shoes
Boots (including over-the-knee ones)

Out with the snow boots, in with the rain gear. Although it's not quite the season for sandals or flip-flops, there are plenty of shoes you could wear during this transitional period. Everything from heels to over-the-knee boots are great for mixing and matching. Just make sure the material is water-resistant. Even if it isn't, there are plenty of creams, cleaners, and sprays that could protect your footwear. Better yet, find a trusted cobbler who could give your favorite, most expensive shoes a deep, weather-proof treatment.


Fur infinity scarves Hats
Earmuffs Lighter gloves
Heavy-duty gloves Lighter scarves

Most items can stay except for anything too heavy, such as earmuffs, thick gloves, or fur scarves. With more opportunities to accessorize like there's no tomorrow, play around with light scarves, gloves, sunglasses, and umbrellas (a must!). And if that's not enough, you could always add a simple brooch or a bold ring on top for extra glamour.

Now that spring is here, it's time to look the part. Enjoy!