Six Benefits of Engagement You Haven't Thought Of

By Claire Swinarski

Simply by nature, engagement rings attract attention. They symbolize that you've found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, which is an incredible feat!

However, there are a few other unique benefits of engagement that may not have crossed your mind, such as the following:

1. Beat It, Creeps!

No more creepy men hitting on you in bars is a major plus. If they do, just flash them your ring and watch them get embarrassed. Being off the market can be totally freeing from unwanted attention.

2. Beauty Routine Bonus

Your hands suddenly look 10 times cuter, and you'll find yourself drawn to keeping them freshly manicured. After all, everyone's looking at them, and you'll be seeing them a lot as you type up guest lists, drive to vendor appointments, and, of course, admire your sparkly new ring!

3. Major Ego Boost

There's something about being engaged that majorly boosts your professional confidence. When you tell your coworkers you're going out that night with your fiancé, you feel just a little more grown-up than when you had to say "boyfriend."

4. 'Why, Thank You!'

You get more compliments than you'll ever get in your life about the ring. Everyone grabs your hands, oohs and aahs, and tells you how perfect it is. Be prepared to retell the story of how he picked it out over and over again!

5. No Judgment Here

Suddenly, buying wedding magazines at the drugstore is completely acceptable, and the cashier doesn't give you a weird look when you place a pile of The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings down. There's only a brief window of time in your life when you can binge-read bridal mags—just one of the many benefits of engagement!

6. Some Bridal Besties

Instant friends will chat you up on public transportation or at the coffee shop, wanting to hear about your wedding colors, venue, and gown. Engaged women flock to one another—you'll be surprised at how long of a conversation you can have with another engaged woman about details such as table linens.

Yes, you've found the one. Yes, you have a gorgeous diamond on your finger. However, these perks are just added bonuses! Being engaged is a special, important time in your life that you'll never get back. While you run around planning every detail of your big day, make sure to take some time to glance down at your hand and soak it all in.