The Wedding Guest from Hell: 5 Problematic Attendees and How to Handle Them

A lot of careful thought and preparation goes into your wedding day, but no matter how much you plan, there are some factors you simply can't control. Unfortunately, a bad wedding guest is one of those unpredictable aspects—you really never know what problems your attendees will cause until the big day arrives.

Here are five common types of bad wedding guests and some tips on how to handle their rude antics:

1. The Over-Drinker

Whether it's your aunt who loves her Merlot or your college buddies who never grew up, someone at your wedding will probably drink too much, especially if there's an open bar. Overly intoxicated guests can make other attendees uncomfortable and easily get into dangerous situations come closing time.

If you spot a wedding guest who is drunk, have your wedding planner or a bridal party member alert the bar. They can serve the person watered-down drinks or cut him or her off completely, depending on how bad the situation is.

As for making sure the guest gets home safely, the best plan of action is to call the person a ride, whether it's an Uber, a cab, or a relative. Again, you can delegate this task to your wedding planner or someone else you trust.

2. The Inappropriate Jokester

Other guests might not need alcohol to make the people around them uncomfortable. Crude or inappropriate comments from an uncensored family member or old friend can quickly make your big day go south, even if they're meant in jest.

The best way to handle these situations is to quietly and diplomatically let the person know his or her behavior is out of line. As annoying as it is to take a break from your festivities, it's best to have this conversation yourself—your guest will likely take it more seriously if it comes from the VIP.

3. The Wannabe DJ

When it's time to hit the dance floor, some of your attendees might take it upon themselves to request song after song after song. And while you certainly want your friends to get their groove on, the parents in the crowd might not appreciate it if 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" is blasted in front of their kids.

The easy way to prevent this from becoming a problem is to set ground rules with your DJ. Give him or her the power to nix inappropriate requests, and consider setting a limit on how many requests will be played.

4. The Dress-Code Breaker

A woman in a white dress. A guy in shorts at a formal event. A female friend whose assets are falling out. There are a hundred ways people can dress inappropriately at your wedding, and unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about it.

Since there's nothing dress-code breakers can do once they've arrived, bringing up their attire will only make them feel uncomfortable. Just try to let it go—it's only clothing!

5. The Wedding Crasher

There are two types of wedding crashers. First, there are strangers who just happen to wander into your event—this may occur if your wedding is at a hotel or other venue where random people are around. In this case, just have your wedding planner or a staff member ask the person to leave. It's as easy as that.

The second type of wedding crasher is an uninvited plus-one, and this situation is a little harder to handle. You can try to head off this problem by being clear on invitations whether guests can bring a date. However, if you notice someone brought an unexpected guest to your wedding, you can either try to accommodate the person or politely ask them to leave.

Even if someone does cause a problem on your big day, try not to let it ruin your special moment. In a few years, you won't even remember someone else's foolish behavior—or, if you do, it will become a funny story you can tell!