Wedding Preparation Helps You Prevent Stress and Tears on the Big Day

You've been planning this day for months, and you have all the big details covered, from choosing the best vendors to confirming your guest RSVPs. However, what about planning for possible wedding-day mishaps? A little extra wedding preparation is key to keeping minor wedding woes from ruining one of your most memorable days.

Hair and Makeup Mishaps

Wedding Woe: You hate your hair and makeup. You asked for curls, but got crimps, and your makeup looks like your flower girl applied it with her eyes closed.

Wedding Win: Have a trial run with your stylist and makeup artist before the wedding. Even if you've worked with the artist before, don't assume you'll get exactly the look you want. To help your stylist during the trial, bring your veil, photos of your dress, and examples of looks you love.

Feeling Sick

Wedding Woe: With all the stress and excitement of your wedding, this is not the time to be sick, but you can't shake this icky feeling.

Wedding Win: Sit down and rest if you need to, especially if the weather is hot. It's easy to forget to eat as you rush around finishing last-minute details, so be sure you have snacks available and drink plenty of water on your wedding day. If you had a little too much bubbly the night before, take some Advil for your aching head and some Pepto for your queasy stomach.

Spilling on your Dress

Wedding Woe: If your shaky nerves weren't bad enough, wearing a white dress is just begging for an epic spill.

Wedding Win: Keep all dark drinks away from your dress, including coffee and red wine. Make sure to eat breakfast before you slip into the dress, and be careful not to smudge makeup when getting dressed. For accidents you can't prevent, be sure you have a stain removal kit on hand.

Running Late

Wedding Woe: You went through your itinerary a million times, but everything is taking longer than you planned. Now you'll never get to the ceremony on time.

Wedding Win: Ask experienced wedding professionals to help you with your wedding timeline before and on the day of your wedding. For example, a wedding planner will know how long each event will take and make sure you have enough time in your schedule. Also, it will help to have someone else in charge of your schedule for the day to keep you on time.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Wedding Woe: Sore, blistered feet are keeping you from dancing the night away.

Wedding Win: Break in new shoes before the wedding day. For a few weeks before the big day, wear your heels around the house while you do chores such as vacuuming. Of course, you could pass on the heels and go for comfy flats or cute athletic shoes, or even plan to change into those comfy shoes at the reception.

The Wrong Details

Wedding Woe: The wrong song is playing for the procession, your florist used roses instead of hydrangeas, and your cake has three tiers when you ordered five.

Wedding Win: Confirm the details with vendors before the wedding day so everyone knows what to expect. If little mistakes happen on the wedding day—and they will—just roll with it. Luckily, your guests will love every detail they see and never know there was even a mistake.

While it may seem there are some mishaps no amount of wedding preparation can fix, being aware of common problems and ways to fix them can help you be stress-free on your big day.