The Insider's Guide to Summer Wedding Guest Attire

Along with the arrival of summer comes one of the most exciting wedding seasons. Ranging from casual beach weddings to ultra-formal evening ones, different wedding styles call for different outfits. If you're wondering how to master your wedding guest attire, here's a simple guide:

A Vintage Garden Wedding

While a belted floral dress with a nice pastel cardigan and cute flats may be the typical garden wedding look, bear in mind there's much more variety than this fifties style. You can go for more of a twenties flapper look with a drop-waist gown, well-matched with low heels and a unique necklace. Alternatively, venture for something cooler such as a sixties-style dress with simple, graphic-design flats for an edgy yet comfortable look. However, what makes garden-style weddings particularly fun is the headgear. From straw and cloche hats to feather fascinators or even a rose, there are so many options for you to stand out. So, feel free to play around!

Casual Beach Wedding

Perhaps the most casual and laid-back of all wedding themes, beach weddings are all about lightness. From linen chiffon and organza materials to aquamarine and orange colors, everything evokes the themes of sun, sea, and nature. So, if you want to master this wedding guest attire style, think maxi dresses with floral or ocean wave patterns, carefully paired with aviator sunglasses and jewelry such as long, dangling earrings, stacked rings, and wave rings.

Obviously, you can go short on the hemline, too. For instance, try a short, tea-length dress matched with flip-flops or crystal sandals for a little bit of sparkle. Given the importance of fluidity for this theme, you could also try something versatile, such as a multi-functional wrap dress. It goes well with any accessory out there.

A Formal Evening Wedding

If you ever get an invitation to an ultra-formal evening wedding, you officially have the license to go all out with your wedding guest attire. Think the most formal floor-length evening gowns, with the richest and most decadent material, such as silk, satin or taffeta. However, before you don the most luxurious couture clothing with a sea of glamorous jewelry, keep in mind that a sophisticated, white-tie wedding look requires restraint. Choose your accessories wisely and balance different materials and colors carefully for an elegant outfit.

For example, if you're wearing something made with a thick, heavy material, choose a lower neckline or get a simpler hairdo to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. When in doubt, less is certainly more when it comes to mastering this look. Select one or two statement pieces as a more tasteful accent, rather than throwing on everything you own at once.

Now that it's officially wedding season, it's time to start planning out your wedding attire. Remember your accessories, and most importantly, have fun!