How to Make Your Nonreligious Wedding Ceremony Unique

When choosing a wedding ceremony location, many brides and grooms might first think of a church. However, that's not always the right fit for every couple.

Perhaps you don't belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque in the city where you'll be getting married, or maybe you and your fiancé have different religious backgrounds. Or perhaps you'd prefer a nonreligious wedding ceremony, and want to say your vows somewhere unique.

Nonreligious Wedding Ceremony Locations

There are many compelling reasons for why you might choose a place outside of a church or religious setting. You just need some creative inspiration to pick the perfect not-so-conventional place for your ceremony. Here are some ideas to help you select the best location for you:

  • A hotel, resort or bed-and-breakfast are great venues to consider. Having a ceremony where you and your guests will already be staying is convenient, plus it saves on travel time.
  • A country club or golf course offers majestic views of the greens, making your outdoor ceremony instantly beautiful.
  • If you love the idea of being married in an elegant space, choose a place filled with stunning artwork. A museum or art gallery requires little to no extra decorating.
  • For brides and grooms with a dramatic flair, a theater would put your nonreligious wedding ceremony center stage.
  • A mansion or castle turns your wedding into a legendary event. Historic homes combine both a significant landmark with the prestige of bygone days to make your ceremony unforgettable.
  • If you envision being married surrounded by thousands of roses, lilies and other flowers, a botanical garden in full bloom would be the perfect place. On a smaller scale, a backyard ceremony set among a homegrown garden of daisies is just as sweet.
  • Whether it's in a field or in an apple orchard, an outdoor ceremony doesn't need to include flower gardens. A casual wedding ceremony in a barn allows the farm to provide the scenery.
  • Local, or even national, parks are great options for connecting with nature. A wedding ceremony among the trees or along a river would be breathtaking.
  • If exchanging rings on the water is your dream, a yacht or sailboat could be your location.
  • There's no reason a ceremony can't be fun. A zoo, aquarium, or even a theme park instantly adds an entertaining backdrop to your wedding.
  • Do you and your fiancé enjoy craft beer or having a glass of wine together? Raise a glass and toast having your wedding at a brewery, vineyard, or even your favorite restaurant.
  • A destination wedding is a fun way to have your ceremony in an interesting location. Whether you get married on a cruise ship or a tropical island beach, it's sure to be exciting.

There are many amazing locations for your nonreligious wedding ceremony, so get a little creative when you choose the place you'll say your vows to make it an extraordinary day.