Special and Symbolic Gifts for Milestone Birthdays

Any birthday is a reason to celebrate, but milestone birthdays are especially important, as they'll be the big days that are remembered forever. Whether you're shopping for your wife, daughter, or girlfriend, here are gift ideas for six of the most special birthdays:

1. First Birthday

What does a one-year-old baby need that she doesn't already have? Between the baby shower and welcome-to-the-world gifts, her house will be stocked to the ceiling with toys and more. Here's a chance to pack a personal punch on the very first of a long list of milestone birthdays. Consider making a diary that highlights her first year of life, detailing her favorite toys and more.

2. 16th Birthday

The "Sweet Sixteen" is a day that signifies the change from a child to a young woman. While 16 isn't quite yet an adult, it's the first step in that direction. To commemorate this major life movement, invest in a small pair of diamond studs. You'll wow her with the extravagance, and she'll begin to develop her own personal style and the pride of ownership as she learns to take care of her own jewelry.

3. 21st Birthday

Looking for a gift for a young adult who is now allowed to drink? Buy her a fancy bottle of wine. If you want to make a big impact, buy a bottle that's 21 years old. How special would it be to open up an expensive bottle from the year you were born and sip it (responsibly, of course!) with your loved ones?

4. 30th Birthday

The 30th birthday makes for the perfect experience or event gift. Think about purchasing tickets to her favorite Broadway show or scheduling a ride in a hot air balloon. Another option is to surprise her with a dinner with all of her closest friends. Make a reservation at one of the nicest restaurants in town, and suggest everyone dress up for the night out.

5. 40th Birthday

There's nothing over-the-hill about 40! Celebrate this middle-of-the-road birthday with a beautiful bangle or a statement necklace she can wear to all her major events. It's also the perfect opportunity to spoil her with a day at the spa so she can be spoiled with a facial, massage, and total relaxation.

6. 50th Birthday

Fifty is a fun year to take a trip together. At this point, her children will likely be grown, and she can take off without having to worry about babysitters or school activities. Book a vacation to somewhere she's never been but would love to visit, or consider a cruise that stops at a few different locations.

7. 75th Birthday

After 75 years, there's a lifetime of memories a person has collected, and she'd love to spend time remembering them. For this special day, compile a scrapbook of pictures throughout her lifetime. Better yet, ask all the important people in her life to write letters to her and package them up for her to read.

Milestone birthdays are a great excuse to treat your loved ones to amazing gifts and show them how much you love them.