Keep Your Guests Cool During Your Warm Outdoor Wedding

Planning a beautiful outdoor wedding during the summer months can get tricky if the weather becomes hot and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to keep your guests cool and happy:

Dress for the Weather

Tell guests in advance that your wedding will be outside. Let them know that casual lightweight fabrics will be much more comfortable than heavy jackets and evening gowns.

Your wedding party will also be happier if you plan for the heat when choosing their attire. Perhaps forgo tuxes in favor of linen suits, or have a second shirt for your groom and groomsmen to change into halfway through the day. If you want a second dress, a short, swingy one would be fun for dancing the night away.

Throw Some Shade

In a perfect world, your ceremony and reception could be under some big, shady trees, protecting your guests from the hot sun. Unfortunately, that's not always an option, as some locations might be more like an open field and less like a forest. Renting a large tent or canopy would be the next best way to shelter guests from the heat.

Make a 'Block the Sun' Station

Guests will be grateful you've remembered what they forgot. Have a basket of sunblock and sunglasses so your guests can protect themselves from the sun's bright rays. You could also offer guests pretty parasols or umbrellas so they can make their own shade to keep cool.

Fantastic Fans

When the heat is stifling, create a gentle breeze by using large fans around your ceremony and reception to get the air moving. If you plan to create a water misting station to cool guests, set it up away from your main seating areas so guests can choose whether they prefer to stay dry.

On the Double

Your wedding ceremony programs can do an extra job when they're printed on paper fans. Small, battery-powered handheld fans can do double duty as wedding favors.

Raise your Glass

Keep guests hydrated with nonalcoholic drinks during your outdoor wedding. Provide plenty of water in easy-to-grab locations throughout your ceremony and reception. You can even incorporate drink stations into your decor, such as bottles of water in rustic, galvanized tubs for your barn-themed wedding. Fruit-infused water, lemonade, or tea looks pretty when poured from glass dispensers.

Cool Treats

Give your guests something cool to snack on. Opt for refreshing foods that can stand up to the heat, such as chilled fruit, popsicles, or snow cones. Or, consider having an ice cream buffet with dessert.

Have a Plan B

Even with all your planning, nature may still have a few surprises for you. If heat advisories threaten your outdoor wedding, be ready with a backup plan in case you need to move your wedding into an air-conditioned venue.

There's no need to agonize over sun or heat during your outdoor wedding. Just follow these easy tips to keep you and your guests cool so everyone can enjoy your special day.