Just Engaged: Dos and Don'ts of Announcing Your Engagement

By Camryn Rabideau

When you're just engaged, you'll probably want to shout the good news from the rooftops. It's tempting to immediately blast out a picture of your engagement ring to all your friends and family, but there are actually etiquette rules you should follow when announcing your engagement. Here are some important dos and don'ts for how to tell people you're engaged:

Don't Put It on Social Media Immediately

If you're active on social media, your initial reaction might be to post about your engagement the minute it happens. However, general etiquette dictates you should personally give the news to certain people. Hold off on posting to Facebook or Instagram until you make a few important phone calls.

Do Tell Important People First

Here is a list of people who should hear news of your engagement directly from you:

  1. Both of Your Parents: If they live close by, it might be nice to tell them in person. However, a phone call or FaceTime will also get the job done.
  2. Your Children: If you or your new fiancé have kids, you'll want to tell them before announcing it to the masses. Depending on how old the little ones are, you might need to reassure them that you won't love them any less, even though your family is expanding.
  3. Close Relatives: Your grandparents, aunts, and uncles would likely appreciate hearing the news directly from you.

There may be other people who would prefer a phone call to hear about your engagement. Consider who might be offended if you didn't let them know personally, and get in touch with them, just in case.

Do Pick Up the Phone

When you're sharing the news, it's best to tell people in person or over the phone. Texts or social media messages may come off a bit impersonal, especially to older generations.

Don't Steal Anyone's Thunder

If you have a family gathering coming up, it might seem convenient to announce your engagement while everyone is in the same place. This can work if it's a general holiday or family reunion, but you don't want to steal the spotlight if it's a graduation party, wedding, or other special event.

Do Get Creative with the Big Announcement

When you've told the most important people in your life, you can then take the news to social media. There are plenty of ways to announce your engagement—some popular options are sharing a picture of your ring or a shot of your partner popping the question, if someone was there to capture it.

However, you can also get creative with your announcement. Try creating a wedding website, then posting the link for people to click on. Another option is to tease your "big surprise" on social media, then make the announcement via a Facebook live video.

Announcing your impending marriage is the first step in your new lives together, so follow these steps when you're just engaged to ensure things go off without a hitch.