How to Reuse Wedding Decor and Make Your Budget Go Further

By Camryn Rabideau

To state the obvious, weddings are expensive. Between the venue, food, invitations, flowers, photographer, and decor, you can go through your wedding budget faster than anticipated, and you might be looking for ways to pump the brakes on your spending.

So, what can you do to tighten your purse strings and save on wedding expenses? One increasingly popular option among brides is to reduce or reuse wedding decor. Here are some ways you can make your wedding budget go further by thinking outside the box when it comes to decorations:

Cut Back on Flowers

Flowers are among the most expensive wedding decorations, especially the big, beautiful arrangements and bouquets made with specific blooms. Not only that, but you can't reuse, resell, or keep flowers—not for longer than a few days, anyway. If you're serious about cutting costs, this is a good place to start.

An easy way to reduce your flower costs is to go without table arrangements at the reception. If you're planning to have a dozen tables and arrangements, that's quick money out the window. As an alternative, you can look into DIY centerpieces or go with a minimalist look featuring just a few candles.

Crowdsource Your Decor

Do you have friends or family members who got married recently? If so, they probably have some leftover decor they could sell you. If you can crowdsource vases, tablecloths, a DIY photo booth, or other decorations, you shave valuable dollars off your bottom line.

Buy It Used

Even if your social circle doesn't have wedding decor to spare, you can still capitalize on leftovers from other people's weddings. Websites such as Tradesy let couples sell items from their weddings, so you can snatch up lightly used decorations for a bargain. This particular site has everything from tablecloths to charger plates, and most items are heavily discounted.

You'll probably want to bookmark Tradesy, as you can also use it to sell your own wedding leftovers after the big day. It might not save you money up front, but at least you'll be able to recoup a few dollars and help out another bride.

Use the Decor from Your Bridal Shower

Do you have leftover decorations from your bridal shower? If so, you can easily recycle those items as part of your wedding decor. Repurpose streamers, signs, banners, candle holders, and more to save a few bucks in your budget.

Pick Things You'll Keep

Another way to get the most bang for your buck is to buy decor you and your fiancé can keep as you start your life together. For instance, opt for charger plates you can reuse at home, or pick candle holders you can put on your fireplace. You may not be able to reuse all the wedding decorations you purchase, but if you can keep select pieces, you're making your investment go a little further.

You can also offer extra items to your friends and family after the wedding is over. You might not save or recoup money, but at least the decorations won't just sit in your attic for years to come.

If you reuse wedding decor in these ways, you could save money on your wedding. Then, it's up to you whether to spend it on the honeymoon or put it in the bank.