How to Plan Your Wedding Like a Baseball Player

As the baseball season gets underway, it may surprise you that the national pastime actually has a lot in common with how you'll plan your wedding.

In the beginning, there's spring training. Just like in baseball, where spring training allows players time to practice before the regular season starts, you begin your relationship with dating before you get engaged.

Then, there's Opening Day. This is special to baseball fans, as they revel in the excitement of the first game and start of the new season. Getting that beautiful diamond ring marks the beginning of your engagement, and you're excited to start this new phase of your life.

What can you learn from baseball as you plan your wedding? Just follow the game to make sure you hit all the bases and don't strike out. Play ball!

Your Teammates

Before you even get to the ballpark, you need good teammates. From your fiancé to your bridal party attendants, you'll surround yourself with good people that you can count on and who will work together as a team to make the day a success.

Coaches and Managers

You're new to wedding planning, so quality managers and coaches are important. You'll need to have experienced people guide you through the wedding planning process. Choose a wedding planner who will help you with any curve balls thrown your way.


To prepare for the baseball game, you'll start with some warm-ups. This is the time to think about the style of wedding you want. Consider whether you'll have a formal or casual wedding, or a large or small one. Do you want a church ceremony, or do you want to get married on the beach? It's okay to dream big and stretch your imagination here.

Step Up to the Plate

As the bride-to-be, you're like the batter who steps up to bat, ready to get to work. This is when you need to pick a wedding date. It's essential as you plan your wedding, as all the other details revolve around your wedding date.

Run the Bases

You've hit the ball, and now you're running the bases. Getting to first base with wedding planning means locking in locations for your ceremony and reception on the date you want to get married. These three factors need to line up for you to confidently know your wedding date is set.

Next, you can move on to second base. This is when you'll choose your other wedding vendors, such as your caterer, photographer, cake baker, florist, DJ, or band. With all of your wedding professionals picked, you're ready to head to third base.

Third base looks easy, but you have a lot to do before you can head for home plate. You'll need to get your wedding rings, select and mail wedding invitations, schedule hair and makeup appointments, and most important, get your marriage license.

Slide Home

You're feeling good as you're sliding home. With all the big stuff done, now you'll tackle all the little details to personalize your wedding day. This can include favors and decorations. Start any DIY crafts you love from Pinterest or Instagram. It's also nice to honor family traditions, such as including your "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

You've earned the seventh-inning stretch, when you get to take a break from the action. As your wedding approaches, take time to check in with all your vendors to confirm any payments and their timing for the big day. Create a wedding-day schedule and make sure all your important players know it and are able to follow it.

Congratulations! You've played a perfect game. Now go get married and celebrate!