A Simple Guide to Finding Your Ring Size

By Charlotte Elizabeth Grainger

There's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping a gorgeous new diamond ring onto your finger. However, there is one pesky chore you need to do before you can experience this. Finding your ring size is no easy feat, so if you're feeling perplexed, here's what you need to know:

Warm Your Hands Up First

When you first head to get sized, you may have come inside from the cold street. If that's the case, your fingers and hands will be much cooler than usual. Remember, this isn't a task you need to rush through, since finding your ring size is essential to getting the perfect fit for you.

With that in mind, take the time to warm up your hands a little so they're at room temperature before you check your size. This will ensure you get the most accurate reading possible.

Get Sized in the Mid-Afternoon

Is there really a right time of day to find your ring size? Well, the short answer is yes. Your fingers are likely to be at their largest between dinner and lunch.

Book your sizing appointment during the mid-afternoon, since failing to do so could mean you get a ring that's a tad too small.

Your Size May Change by Season

As the seasons change, so can your ring size. In summer and winter, you might find your fingers swell or become a little thinner than they usually would be.

Because of this, make sure you have a little leeway when it comes to the size you ultimately choose to go with, and understand that your ring size will inevitably change over the course of the year.

Consider the Width of the Band

Contrary to popular belief, you must also take into consideration the style of ring you plan on wearing when finding your ring size. The width of the band will come into play here, so that's something you need to consider at all times. In reality, the wider the band of the ring is, the tighter the fit is likely to be.

Always Get a Second Opinion

When your ring finger has been measured once, you may think your job is done. Take care here, because not all readings are entirely correct. It's always worth going ahead and getting a second opinion.

In doing so, you can have the peace of mind that the size you get is right. Of course, getting any type of ring—whether it's a stylish fashion piece or an engagement ring—is an important investment, so it pays off to get things right.

Remember the Golden Rule

Finally, it's essential you always remember the golden rule of ring sizing: if you have two different sizes, always go bigger. Some people will find that two sizes fit them well enough. If this is the case, choose a ring that runs slightly larger, so it will always fit.