Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces have evolved in size, shape, and overall style since the heart-shaped locket you wore in second grade. This type of jewelry dates back to the dawn of human history, and the category now includes any necklace with a piece of jewelry hanging on it.

In the old days, people wore amulets, which they believed would protect them from evil spirits. Over time, more and more people began wearing them as fashion pieces, and amulets evolved into modern pendant necklaces. These days, the pendant necklace is simply a fun fashion accessory you can make as understated or bold as you wish.

While chokers dominated the scene last year, pendant necklaces are all the rage as we settle into 2017. Many jewelry lovers are going for the long, grazing necklaces with fun art deco pieces dangling from them. This year, the runways were filled with models wearing flashy, oversize pendants around their necks.

A pendant doesn't have to have just one accessory dangling from it. Charm necklaces are becoming more popular, and you can stack them as you please. One trend hitting the pendant necklace scene is personalization. Celebrities including Taylor Swift, Lucy Hale, and Bella Hadid have been spotted with personalized necklaces that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud. Wearing your initials or those of a loved one around your neck is a confident way to rock a pendant.

Another trend all over social media is adding latitude and longitude coordinates of a special place to your pendant plate. Think about where you met your fiancé, where you graduated college, where you lived growing up, or any other place that's near and dear to you, and get those coordinates engraved onto your pendant to tell your story.

If you're looking for an upgrade, diamond pendant necklaces have remained in style despite the cyclical nature of fashion trends. Different styles have come and gone, but they say "diamonds are forever" for a reason. The classic stones are always in style, and their enduring nature symbolizes endless love and devotion. A diamond pendant necklace works great for a formal event or wedding, giving a classy pop to an elegant, single-toned gown.

Pendant necklaces are versatile, daring, and gorgeous. They add a statement to any outfit or event and remain a staple in the jewelry world.