Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Have a Man of Honor at Your Wedding

By Erica Curran

Asking someone to be your maid of honor is a true mark of friendship that's typically offered to a close girlfriend or female family member. However, what if your best friend happens to be male? More and more brides are making the modern choice of including a man of honor in their wedding party. Here's why you shouldn't be afraid to break with tradition and go with your heart when it comes to selecting your main supporter on your big day:

You Need Someone Strong by Your Side

Whether a maid, a matron, or a man, this honorable role is more than just a title—it's one of the hardest-working jobs not only at the wedding, but in the months leading up to it. That person is typically tasked with everything from helping with dress shopping and planning the shower to coordinating bridesmaids and toasting the happy couple at the reception.

Most importantly, he or she needs to be there with words of encouragement when things get stressful. Be honest with yourself: who is the most dependable person in your life, and with whom would you like to share this experience? If your first thought goes to your brother or best guy friend since childhood, you may want to consider asking him to be your man of honor.

A Male Perspective Can Be Refreshing

Of course, your groom will be involved in the wedding planning, but when it comes to certain things—such as picking out a wedding dress—you can probably count him out. Having a man of honor allows you to get an honest male perspective on everything from your wedding wardrobe to details such as flowers that your fiancé may not find as interesting. As a bonus, this takes some pressure off of your groom!

He May Bring Other Skills to the Table

Gender stereotypes aside, your male attendant may be able to offer some skills that your other attendants can't. Perhaps he's handy with tools and can help you construct a unique alter for the ceremony. Or, maybe he's a cocktail enthusiast who can concoct a custom drink for the reception. Think outside the box when it comes to traditional maid of honor duties and make the most of his talents and skills.

Whether you decide to have a male attendant at your wedding or even a "bridesman," it's a good idea to keep a few things in mind. First, talk to him about what he is and isn't comfortable with when it comes to typical duties. If he wants to skip the bachelorette party, for instance, it's okay to give him a pass.

Second, consider going coed with typically single-sex events such as showers, especially if he's helping to plan them.

Last, take a cue from your fiancé's groomsmen when it comes to wardrobe, but maybe add a little something to set him apart, such as a special pocket square that matches your bridesmaids' gowns.

Having a man of honor may not be the most traditional choice, but if your best friend is a guy, he may just be the perfect person for the job. Don't be afraid to set aside convention and give yourself the freedom to follow your heart when bestowing the honor.