4 Reasons to Start Wearing Mixed Metals

By Eustacia Huen

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to basing your choice of metals on your outfit? Well, it's time to toss the rule book aside and start playing with mixed metals. Here are four reasons why:

1. It's Chic

One of the biggest trends in recent seasons is stacking jewelry. You can pair anything, from solitaire bracelets with spiked bangles to diamond engagement rings—the more eclectic the mix, the more fashionable an outfit becomes. So, don't feel like you have to restrict yourself to only one type of metal if you want to make a statement.

2. It's Unexpected

Odds are, the very same people who consider mixed metals to be a faux pas are the same people who keep the colors of their shoes and bags consistent. Is it safe? You bet. But if we learned anything from Naomi Harris's "artfully mismatched sandals," as NY Mag called them, it's that surprises can make an outfit more interesting. So, with more options available for mixing and matching different metals, you can also experiment freely and create an unexpected combo that totally works.

3. It's All About You

One of the best things about varying your choice of metals is the room for creativity. With little to no restriction, you can decide on a unique look that best represents you. However, choosing the right mixed metals for yourself isn't just a question of taste, but also a matter of fit. Given that there's a fine line between style dos and don'ts, plus the risk involved in balancing the right ratio of metals, what works best for one person might not necessarily suit another.

As a result, when selecting the metals that define you, think beyond character traits or personal preferences and consider other pertinent factors, such as skin tone, choice of outfit, and body frame. For instance, taller people may fare better pairing longer gold chains with chunky silver necklaces, while those with more delicate features may opt for a lighter option, such as a sleek yet bold single band with yellow gold and platinum.

4. It's Fun

At the end of the day, you get to play around with more styling options with mixed metals. And while it involves some trial and error, why resist the fun in fashion? After all, some of the world's greatest style icons are celebrated for their fearlessness. So, when you venture to mix and match different metals, just show off your confidence and let that be the final touch to a great look. Sometimes it can be fun to break the rules!