Spreading the Love: Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

By Camryn Rabideau

If you're sporting a beautiful new engagement ring on your hand, you probably think of your incredible fiancé every time you look down at it. He did such a wonderful job picking out a diamond ring and planning the proposal, so wouldn't it be nice if you did a little something for him in return?

It's increasingly common for women to buy their fiancés an engagement gift to celebrate. The following are some engagement gift ideas for him:

Jewelry for Him

One of the most popular engagement gifts for men is a piece of jewelry. Many women choose to buy their fiancé a classy watch or high-quality cuff links, as they are something to show off, like an engagement ring. If you decide to go this route, be sure to purchase something he'll actually wear. It's silly to spend money on cuff links if your man doesn't own a shirt that needs them.

Hobbyist Equipment

If your fiancé isn't the jewelry-wearing type, you can always get him a more practical gift. Does he have a favorite hobby or pastime? If so, you might consider getting him some equipment for it.

For instance, men who love to golf would certainly appreciate a new set of clubs. An amateur photographer might like a new camera, or someone who brews his own beer could use new equipment or a class on homebrewing. There are many great options, regardless of what your man likes to do in his spare time.

A Weekend Getaway

In lieu of an actual gift, you can always treat your new fiancé to a small vacation to privately celebrate your engagement. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip, either. Just pick a quaint destination within driving distance, find an Airbnb, and visit some of the local sights. He's sure to love the chance to spend quality time with his future wife.

The Latest Technology

Has your man had his eye on the iPhone X? Maybe he'd like a new gaming console or a fancy speaker system for his car. If your fiancé is a techie, he'd likely love to receive the latest and greatest gadget as an engagement present.

If you're shopping for a post-proposal gift for your fiancé, these are just a few engagement gift ideas for him. These gifts don't have to be anything lavish—they're just a nice way to show your fiancé you appreciate all he's done for you. Whatever you choose, the most important consideration should be that it's something heartfelt to show how excited you are for your new life together.