Diamond Maintenance 101

By Claire Swinarski

Now that you've got that sparkler on your finger, you need to keep it as nice as it was the day you received it. Diamond maintenance is an essential part of owning an engagement ring, so here are three tips to keep in mind to take care of your serious investment:

1. Insure It

For starters, consider ring insurance. It's pricey, but it's nice to know that if anything were to happen to your diamond, you'd be able to get it fixed or replaced. Your ring is most likely one of the most precious things you own, both monetarily and sentimentally. Make sure you protect it!

2. Keep It Safe

You probably feel like you never want to take your ring off, but it's important to give it a little break from the wear and tear. Washing dishes or scrubbing your floors can stretch out your band, and soap from the shower can dull its shine. When baking, dough can seep its way between any diamonds on your band. Take your ring off when doing any serious household chores so that it stays sparkly and fits as well as possible. You should never, ever wear your ring while washing your hands over a sink with an open drain.

If your ring has edges that could potentially scratch you in your sleep, you may want to take it off at night. However, don't just throw your ring on your bedside table. Place it in a ring box or a jewelry box with dividers. That way, it won't bump up against other jewelry or scratch your table. It will also have a safe, dedicated place in case you bump the table in the middle of the night.

If you're pregnant, it may be time to say goodbye to your ring for a little while. Pregnancy can make your fingers swell, which can damage your band. It's also dangerous for your fingers! Take your ring off, put it somewhere safe, and know your fingers will return to their normal size within six months of childbirth.

3. Clean It

Last, if your ring is in need of a tune-up, you have a couple of options. Most jewelers will wash and shine your ring for free, leaving it looking good as new. Although there are a few ways to clean your ring at home, taking it to a jeweler is typically the best way to ensure it's being both properly and safely cleaned. However, if there's an issue with your ring that might take more time, such as a stretched band or a loose setting, take it to the jeweler you got it from for a more focused diamond maintenance review.

With a little care and upkeep, your engagement ring will look just as radiant on your 50th anniversary as it did the day you received it.