Why You Should Consider a Multi-Venue Wedding

By Becky Appleby-Sparrow

Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beach, but also want an elegant, formal reception? Or, maybe you want a traditional church ceremony, but your first dance as a married couple to take place outside, under the stars.

Luckily, you can have it all. Brides and grooms are no longer keeping their weddings confined to just one location. Whether you plan to start your wedding day with brunch or continue the evening with an after-party, having a change of venue will only add to the fun. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having a multi-venue wedding:

You Want a Sentimental or Offbeat Location

Getting married at the same church your parents did, stopping for photographs at the park where you got engaged, or including a boat ride across the lake for your cocktail hour all create memorable events for you and your guests. Including special locations for your wedding will make the day more meaningful.

You Will Save Money on Decor

Choosing additional venues for your wedding day doesn't have to add on a lot of extra expenses. When incorporating outdoor venues, let nature be your decor. The beautiful backdrop of a beach or forest ceremony doesn't need extra flowers, nor do the cocktails being served in the garden.

Smaller Spaces Can Make Large Affairs Feel Intimate

A grand ballroom filled with lavishly set tables may not encourage guests to walk around and socialize. When you're having a big affair, a separate cocktail space with several smaller, comfortable lounge areas can create the intimate feeling of a smaller event.

A Change of Scenery Adds Entertainment

Between exchanging your marriage vows, greeting all of your guests, and cutting your wedding cake, the whole wedding day will fly by for you. For your guests, on the other hand, the day moves at a slower pace.

A different venue or location can add some extra entertainment into your guests' day. Whether you plan for lawn games before dinner or a dessert buffet during the dance, getting your guests up and mingling will keep them celebrating right along with you.

You Want the Wedding Celebration to Continue

Often, family and friends don't live close by and many guests travel to the wedding location. Therefore, couples are opting to extend their wedding celebrations into a weekend full of festivities. A multi-venue wedding can carry the fun beyond the main events.

As the popularity of after-parties grows, brides and grooms are planning an additional venue to keep the party going after the reception ends. The change of venue after the official reception allows the bride and groom to also change the mood, perhaps switching from an elegant, black-tie reception to a playful disco theme.

A wedding is about celebrating your marriage with family and friends. And, of course, you want to make the day special for your guests. Whether it's to include a memorable location or to keep the party going, having several venues for the wedding day is a great way to make it more meaningful—and fun!