How to Choose Wedding Gifts for New In-Laws and Your Parents

Leading up to the big day, many couples choose to buy presents for their parents and soon-to-be in-laws. Here's what you need to know about buying wedding gifts for new in-laws and parents, plus some ideas for heartfelt, memorable presents:

Why Give Gifts to Your Parents and In-Laws?

Just like your bridal party, your parents and future in-laws play a crucial role in planning, organizing, executing, and potentially even financing your wedding, so it's nice to show your appreciation with a small token of thanks. Some couples also see these wedding gifts as a way to celebrate uniting their families.

Who Should Purchase the Presents?

There's no right or wrong way to buy presents for your parents and in-laws. It all depends on your particular situation and how close you are. For many couples, the most logical arrangement is for the bride to buy her parents a gift and for the groom to buy one for his. However, if you're close to your mother- or father-in-law (or want to build a better relationship with them), it might be a nice gesture for you to pick out a present. Again, there's no set tradition here, so do whatever feels comfortable.

It's worth noting that if you're going to buy a gift for your parents, you or your fiancé should plan to get something for your in-laws as well. You don't want anyone to feel left out on the big day.

What Should You Give as Gifts?

If you need some ideas on gifts for new in-laws or your parents, here are several great options:

  • Wedding Day Jewelry: If you plan to give these gifts at the rehearsal dinner, why not get your mother and mother-in-law stunning pieces of diamond jewelry they can wear to the wedding? For the men, consider tie clips, watches, or nice ties.
  • Spa Treatments: Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and everyone will need a little rest and relaxation when the event is over. To this end, you can treat your parents and in-laws to couple's massages at a local spa. Alternatively, get spa treatments for the ladies and a round of golf for the men.
  • Personalized Photo Frames: You're sure to capture some stunning photos on your big day, so it's always nice to give your parents and in-laws personalized photo frames so they can display the memories.
  • Event Tickets: Are your future in-laws big sports fans? Are your parents into theater? If so, get them tickets to local sporting or cultural events. They'll love that you remembered their favorite pastimes.
  • A Nice Dinner: When all else fails, you can simply treat both sets of parents to nice dinners, whether at their favorite restaurants or your home. A homemade meal is a good option if your budget is tight after the wedding—after all, it's the gesture and your gratitude that counts.

As long as the gift comes from your heart, your parents and in-laws will love whatever you get them. Put a little time and thought into the present, and you can't go wrong!