Can Summer Pieces Become Fall Wardrobe Essentials?

By Eustacia Huen

Now that fall is here, it's time to check your closet again. Are you wondering which summer items you can keep, toss, or hold onto for a little longer? Aside from year-round basics such as T-shirts and jeans (even white ones!), here's a look at summer fashion pieces and whether they can become a part of your fall wardrobe essentials or should be put away until spring:

Tank Top

Given the season's transitional weather and occasional rain, layering is key to staying warm and cozy. While tank tops are typically synonymous with laid-back, summery style, they are also the perfect base for layering. You can throw on a shirt, a light knit cardigan, and a stunning piece of jewelry to create a whole new look.

Verdict: Yes.


Just because the temperature drops doesn't mean you need to put away those pretty sundresses. While it might be easier to work with cotton sundresses instead of those in lightweight materials, denim jackets, knit sweaters, and belts are great items you can use to make the summer essential more appropriate for the season.

Verdict: The sundress can stay on for a little longer, but can it be a fall wardrobe essential? Not quite.


It's a no-brainer that scarves can make their way into fall wardrobe essentials. Whether they come in silk or linen, solid colors or vibrant patterns, the accessory's natural versatility makes for a great match with almost everything. Beyond the aesthetics, they are also handy to stay warm against the wind.

Verdict: Yes.


There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to incorporating shorts into your fall outfits: wearing them with or without tights. For the former, the clear perk is staying warm. However, for those who prefer to delay wearing tights for as long as possible, the more appealing option is to pair the summer essential with short boots and a blazer for a dressier look. However, not all shorts should be worn in the fall. Micro-shorts or those with ultra-light material may be better reserved for next summer.

Verdict: No.


Granted, some people can pull off the socks-under-sandals look with great aplomb, but for most, it's not the easiest look to nail. While chunkier sandals are more likely to work with longer skirts or pants, most agree flats or boots are better choices for the fall.

Verdict: No.

Many chic summer pieces can also work in the fall. With a little creativity and careful styling, you can use your favorite summer essentials to put together a great autumn outfit that's both stylish and sensibly coordinated for the weather.