The Beginner's Guide to Wearing Rose Gold Jewelry

By Erica Curran

Rose gold has been all over the spring runways, but this pretty pink-hued metal has been in play since the nineteenth century. While it may not be as classic or as common as yellow gold, platinum, or silver, rose gold jewelry is surprisingly versatile, complementing a wide range of skin tones and styles. Here's how to embrace the trend and incorporate rose gold into your own jewelry collection:

Let It Shine Solo

The beauty of wearing an unexpected hue such as rose gold is that it's eye-catching, and it can really shine when it's worn all by itself. A beautiful bangle or rose gold necklace is sure to garner more than a few compliments. This is a great opportunity to play with a statement piece that can stand on its own. Avoid going overboard with the metal and seeming too matchy-matchy—instead, restrict yourself to wearing just one or two rose gold pieces at a time.

Mix It with Other Metals

Rose gold gets its pink hue from an infusion of copper in the typical yellow gold formula. Because this gives it a hint of soft, warm color, the metal pairs well with others. It makes platinum really sparkle, adds depth to darker shades of gold, and gives a surprising spin to oxidized silver. Try stacking a few bracelets in different shades of gold, or layer a rose gold necklace over a platinum pendant. In addition, rose gold is a sweet, romantic frame for diamonds, whether a stunning solitaire or a cluster of smaller stones. However, try to avoid mixing more than two types of metal.

Choose Complementary Clothing

Rose gold jewelry can be dressed up or down—it works just as well with jeans and a white T-shirt as it does with an elegant cocktail dress. It also pairs well with a range of styles and color palettes, though it looks particularly lovely with certain shades, such as soft pinks, nude tones, earthy tones, and shades of blue.

Deck Out Your Digits

When wearing a rose gold ring—whether an engagement ring or a fashionable right-hand ring—really play up the precious metal by painting your nails to match. A rose gold manicure, or even a basic nude with a gleaming topcoat, is the perfect pairing for a showpiece ring.

Rose gold may be fairly new to your jewelry collection, but there's no need to be intimidated by it. Start simple with just one statement piece, and soon you'll be mixing and matching metals like a pro!