Fall Wedding Venues

By Becky Appleby-Sparrow

From its cool, crisp breezes to the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows on every tree, autumn is an enchanting season. That's why it's such a popular time of year for brides and grooms to say their wedding vows. Plus, with barely lifting a finger, so much of the decorating has already been done for you!

Consider one of these perfect fall wedding venues for your big day if you want to soak up every wonderful moment of the season:

1. Your Back Yard

Don't stay inside for your wedding! A backyard event is a simple way to get guests outside to enjoy the fresh fall air and fabulous views.

2. Local or National Park

A park in autumn will highlight the most colorful trees, from birches to maples. Choose a local city park to indulge in the splendid beauty of fall. Or, get out of the city and take in a whole forest full of trees. Whether you pick a park that's manicured or natural, the colors of fall will shine.

3. Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are just as beautiful in fall as in spring and summer. Even after daffodils and lilies have faded, many flowers and shrubs still put on impressive shows of vibrant, rich colors in the cooler months. Exchange rings among the fall blooms of roses, asters, and autumn crocuses.

4. Nature Center

A nature center often focuses on educating visitors about the environment, which also makes it a great place to give your guests a close-up look at the beauty of autumn. Take advantage of the center's event space to enjoy the great outdoors.

5. Farm

From the golden fields to the bountiful harvest, farms are at their best during autumn. Soak up the change of seasons and celebrate your ceremony next to a meadow, followed by a casual reception in a country barn. Decorate with a rustic flair, including hay bales and pumpkins, and serve up the abundant fall produce for dinner.

6. Off-Season Ski Resort

Before snow covers the slopes, the hills of a ski resort would be a great choice for your outdoor fall wedding. The cozy lodge can provide the setting with an impressive mountain view, and the vibrant foliage is even better when your guests can take a scenic ride in the resort's ski lift.

7. Orchard

A classic fall tradition is heading to an orchard to pick ripe, red apples straight from the trees. By choosing one of these fall wedding venues as the location for your big day, you can embrace the harvest season at an apple orchard by making it your theme. Decorate with baskets of apples, then serve hot cider and apple pie.

8. Vineyard

There is always a bit of allure and romance about a vineyard. As the days get cooler, grapevine leaves put on a beautiful display of red, orange, and yellow. This makes the trellised rows on the gentle hills of the vineyard a perfect backdrop for your wedding, before or after the harvest.

With so many fun and creative fall wedding venues to choose from for your special day, you're bound to find the perfect one!