7 Fall Fashion Trends You'll Love to Rock

By Erin Ollila

The air is crisp but not too cold, and it's time to continue the celebrations before the winter chill creeps in. Are you wondering what to wear? Here are seven fall fashion trends that will guarantee you'll be front and center at every hayride, apple picking trip, and Halloween party you attend:

1. Fringe

Long gone are the days when fringe was meant exclusively for cowgirls. This season, fringe takes the form of elegance as it accentuates the body, letting your curves lead the way as you walk. Everyone will be watching as it shakes around you.

2. Fur

Fur has found its way into wardrobes everywhere—and it's no longer just for jackets. This season, you'll find fur on skirts, collars, wrists, boots, and vests. Warm up with a fur-heavy piece, such as a shirt with an Oxford collar and a wide belt covered in fur if you're in a chilly area. Do you live somewhere warm? Fur cuffs make for perfect accessories to add to your wardrobe.

3. Florals

The floral trend hasn't fizzled out yet—it's just gotten bolder. Think eighties couch and curtain florals, and you'll make a statement when you wear this graphic as either a bold choice, such as a long-sleeve dress, or an accent in a scarf or stockings. Plus, florals make great additions in romantic looks.

4. Red

Red screams, "Notice me!" If you're immersing yourself in these fall fashion trends, you'll want to stock up on this color. You may have saved red for bold lips or one staple item of clothing, but this fall, you'll be dressing in crimson from head to toe. Don't be afraid to go rock a bright jacket or show up for work donning a scarlet top.

5. One-Shoulder Look

Cutout shirts have been highlighting the curves of your clavicle, but it's time for your shoulders to own the spotlight. From work to wedding attire, shirts and dresses of all styles are embracing the one-shoulder look. Keep your jewelry understated with diamond studs for work and drop earrings to stand out during late-night drinks.

6. Glitter

A little glitter goes a long way, especially this season. Expect to find that shine in unexpected places, such as shoes and thick belts. If you need a night of glam, you can dazzle in a mixed-metal gown.

If you want to match the sparkle of your new glitter trends, diamond jewelry such as a diamond cuff or stunning statement necklace really complement the look.

7. Pastels

You probably didn't think pastels would make it on a list of fall fashion trends, but these pale shades are making a statement in 2017. Dusty lavender, creamy yellow, and muted peach arrived on the fashion scene, making up one of the hottest accessory colors this year. If you're just beginning to embrace your fashionista side, start off small with a pastel purse. If you're ready to dive into the delicate color, consider mixing different pastel shades in a skirt, button-down shirt, and light jacket.

Autumn is just around the corner, and pretty soon, you'll be sipping pumpkin spice coffee by the fireplace. Make sure your wardrobe is prepared.