Is He the One? 5 Signs He Might Be Mr. Right

By Erica Curran

When you first start dating someone, it's not unusual to gush that he could be "the one." However, once you've been together for a while, "Is he the one?" becomes a more serious question. Whether you're ready to start wedding planning or you just want a better idea of where your relationship is headed, here are some clues that he could be your Mr. Right:

1. You Can Be Yourself around Him

You don't feel like you have to pretend to be someone you're not, because he loves you just the way you are. That means he looks at you the same way when you're dolled up for a night out as he does when you're sitting on the couch wearing sweats and no makeup. He loves your sense of humor, your goofy laugh, and even your weakness for nineties boy bands. And you feel the same way about him.

2. You Like to Talk about the Future

So maybe you haven't named your future kids yet—or maybe you have. However in-depth your discussions about the future are, they're not stressful or uncomfortable. You know his goals for his career, his hopes and dreams, and maybe even how many children he would like to have—and he knows the same about you. And if you've talked about what kind of wedding you want, it doesn't get much more obvious than that.

3. You've Met Each Other's Families and You Like Them

Going home to meet the parents is a big step in any relationship. However, when you start to feel like part of the family, that's when you know things are serious. Maybe he has a great rapport with your dad, or you have his mom on speed dial. Or you could just have a nice time together during holidays or family vacations. Getting along with one another's families is important, and it's a good sign you're compatible for the long haul. Plus, who knows a person better than his family? If you've each received the stamp of approval from your respective moms, dads, and grandparents, how can it not be a good fit?

4. You Can't See Yourself with Anyone Else

You're human, so of course you don't stop noticing other attractive guys when you're in a committed relationship. However, if you're seriously asking, "Is he the one?" you're probably looking at them in a much different way than you have in the past. You're so happy with your boyfriend that you can't imagine yourself with anyone else. Just as important, you are confident he feels the same.

5. He's Asked for Your Ring Size

Maybe he asked for your best friend's phone number, or he's been distracted making secret plans. In short, he's been acting a bit strange, and you suspect it could have something to do with an engagement ring. A proposal is often a complete surprise, but you might just have some suspicions if you're really in tune with your partner.

You've spent your whole life dreaming of "the one," and you finally think he could be within reach. Enjoy your time together, be honest with one another about your goals, and try not to stress about whether he's going to pop the question. If he really is the one for you, it'll happen at just the right time.