5 Reasons to Love an Autumn Wedding

By Erin Ollila

Picking a date can be one of the toughest parts of planning a wedding. There are so many beautiful times of the year, but which one is right for you? All seasons have pros and cons, though there is something special about an autumn wedding. If you need more convincing, here are five reasons you'll love getting married in the fall:

1. The Weather Cooperates

Does the idea of a sweaty wedding party waiting to take pictures make you nervous? What about a blizzard keeping most of your guest list away from the reception? You don't have to worry about either of these scenarios with an autumn wedding. The fall is usually pretty temperate in most areas, and extreme weather conditions shouldn't dampen your big day. You'll likely be able to opt for an outdoor ceremony without freezing out your guests, and even if you decide to keep it all indoors, your pictures can be in front of some great autumnal scenes.

And don't let the darkening skies get you down! Most of the fall gives you bright enough hours to take advantage of picture time. And don't forget to take advantage of the gorgeous fall sunsets, either.

2. Your Guests Are More Available

Sure, the fall is prime time for youth soccer and professional football games, but you'll be competing with far fewer activities than you would if you had a spring or summer wedding. During those months, there are graduations, holidays, and family vacations, among other events. You want to celebrate with your loved ones, and people this time of year tend to have more free weekends in their schedule.

3. Fall Weddings Are More Affordable

Wedding season peaks between May and October, which means the prices are high during those months, especially if you have your heart set on a particular vendor. If you schedule the big day in October, November, or even early December, your venue and vendors will likely offer you off-season rates. Who doesn't like saving a little money?

4. The Colors Are Everything

Are you unsure how to theme your wedding or which color to choose for all the little details? Autumn answers that question for you. Think vibrant reds, oranges, browns, yellows, metallics, and greens. However, those aren't your only options. Navy, lavender, and white are also unsuspecting yet beautiful choices for an autumn wedding.

5. Wedding Party Dresses

If you've always been fond of the long-dress look, you're in luck with a fall wedding. Your bridal party will look gorgeous without overheating in their floor-length looks. If you consider yourself a fashionable bride and want your ladies to showcase your style, long sleeves and prints are also making a comeback.

There's so much to love about the fall and plenty of reasons it's the perfect season for your nuptials.