Illa Collection

Valentine's Day Gifts

Known to be the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate love and give a gift that lasts a lifetime. Whether you choose a dazzling diamond ring or a stunning diamond pendant, you truly can’t go wrong. True love is forever and so are diamonds. Make this Valentine’s Day one she will never forget with the gift of Hearts On Fire. 

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Diamond Bar Single Prong Milgrain Band
Beloved Open Gallery Engagement Ring
Triplicity Triangle Stud Earrings
Euphoria Pave Engagement Ring
Aerial Sol Halo Necklace
Whimsical Heart Pendant Necklace
Illa Comet Pendant
Gracious Diamond Band
Lorelei Collar
HOF Trend Charmed Star & Moon Earring
Aerial Eclipse Large Pendant
Amorous Heart Pendant Necklace
Copley Bezel Necklace
Lorelei Interlocking Diamond Heart Bracelet
Effervescence Diamond Pendant
Lorelei Bloom Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Lorelei Fringe Diamond Ear Cuff
Mini Hoop Graduated Earrings
Illa Midnight Diamond Bracelet
Atlantico Pave Band
Aerial Victorian Line Necklace
Illa Right Hand Ring
Optima Single Diamond Cord Bracelet
Copley Multi Stone Bangle
Triplicity Open Bezel Band
Optima Double Band
Aerial Diamond Earrings
Meet Our Designer - Ilaria Lanzoni
Triplicity Triangle Lariat Necklace
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Transcend Premier Diamond Engagement Ring
HOF Signature Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Fulfillment Round Band
Amorous Journey Heart Pendant Necklace
Lorelei Floral Engagement Ring-Diamond Band
Lorelei Criss Cross Ring
Optima Four Station Diamond Bangle
Intertwining Diamond Right Hand Ring
Transcend Premier Diamond Band
Aerial Regal Scroll Earring Jackets
HOF Signature Diamond Band
Optima Diamond Drop Earrings
Lost In Fun
Illa Pendant Necklace
Lorelei Interlocking Heart Bracelet
Illa Diamond Stud Earrings
Aerial Eclipse Pendant
Triplicity Triangle Drop Earrings
Three-Prong Stud Earrings
Illustrious Engagement Ring-Diamond Intensive Band
Optima Diamond Pendant
Triplicity Pointed Diamond Ring
Lorelei Floral Diamond Band
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Triplicity Triangle Pendant
Diamond Wedding Bands 1
Optima Double Circle Diamond Necklace
Multiplicity Love 7 Stone Engagement Ring
Aerial Diamond Ear Vine Earrings
Fulfillment Heart Stud Earrings
Lorelei Interlocking Heart Necklace
Lorelei Interlocking Diamond Heart Necklace
Transcend Engagement Ring
Awesomest Kiss
Aerial Double Ring
Copley Bangle
Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace
Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle
Fulfillment Heart Pendant